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GAMA 2015

No description

Sara Erickson

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of GAMA 2015

Strategy Games
The Big Book of Madness
2-5 Players
Incredible Art
Releases in July
Guide your tribe
Find Shelter
2-4 Players
Tile laying
Releases in June, $49.99
Medieval Academy
1-5 Players
Releases in June, $39.99
Tactical Card Laying
2-4 Players
Promo Card
Releases in July, $24.99
8 Masters' Revenge
Unique Card Battle
Martial Arts
1-4 Players
Releases in June, $39.99
Steam Torpedo
Submarine Battles
Modular Board
Variable Player Powers
2 Players
Releases April 9th, $29.99
April and June, $14.99
Distributor Policy Changes
Lower Free Freight
Better Pricing
Fewer Out of Stocks
King of Tokyo & King of New York Stock Promise
Demo Copies
Welcome To The Dungeon
Push Your Luck
Dungeon Crawl
2-4 Players
Releases in April, $14.99
Dungeon Fighter
Dungeon Crawl
1-6 Players
Releases April 9th, $39.99
Dungeon Fighter Expansions
New Monsters
New Characters
New Weapons
Releases Summer 2015, $24.99
Light Strategy & Dexterity
Modular Board
Everyone Can Play
2-12 Players
Releases in March 26th, $29.99
Pingo Pingo
Active Game
Great for Parties
2-5 Players
Releases in July, $34.99
Family and Party Games
Alien Wars
Unique Packaging
2-3 Players
Releases in July, $19.99
Master Fox
Fox Blind Folds
Learn it in 30 sec!
2-5 Players
Releases in June, $39.99
Heroes of Normandie
Based on Historic Battles
More units, vehicles, and accessories
New Terrain and Templates
Scenario Expansions for Summer 2015
$54.99 MSRP
Heroes of Normandie
Based on Historic Battles
More units, vehicles, and accessories
New Terrain and Templates
Gazette #2 and Battleground Set
Summer 2015
Guardians' Chronicles
Voltage, Nuke & Iron Turtle Super Villains
Tough Challenges
New Headlines
The Terror Trio
May 2015 $29.99
War Games & Miniatures
Guardians' Chronicles
4 New Heroes
New Traps
New Scenarios
Night Squad
May 2015 $29.99
Guardians' Chronicles
The True King of Atlantis
May 2015 $29.99
Battle Aquarion and his minions
New Water Terrain
Unique Scenarios
How Does it Work
Customer visits our site
Order placed
Order posted
Stores confirm availability
Nearest Store wins order
Store ships order
Shopatron pays Store
What's in it for Me?
For Hobby Stores:
Increased sales
Potential new customers
Easy intro to online sales
Support our Hobby Stores
More time to focus on making games
King of Tokyo
King of New York
Heroes of Normandie
Promos, Coins, and More!
Hare and the Tortoise
and more!
coming soon!
New Promos
Alpha Zombie
Space Penguin!

Sign up at www.IELLOgames.com
Sign up at www.IELLOgames.com
Sign up at www.IELLOgames.com
Sign up at www.IELLOgames.com
Organized Play!
Stephan Brissaud & Sara Erickson
Thank You for Attending!
Visit us at Booth #225!
Distributor Show Specials!
Buy 2 - Get a Free Demo Copy
15% off IELLO Products
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