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Comic Sans - the polio of the font world. Why is it so widely used? Can it be trusted? What are the origins of this misunderstood gentle monster? What do people in REALLY think about Comic Sans? We sorted it all out.

Anni Tolvane

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of WHY COMIC SANS?

Comic Sans -
The Blunt Instrument

- Accessible
- Non-formal
-> Democratric
How to determine "true" Comic Sans
This font is actually "Itim".
Empirical Data
On October 24th we spread a survey mapping people's attitudes towards Comic Sans. The results were stunning.
The form can be found from
Comic Sans - What were they thinking?
- Vincent Connare
- Targeted to children

Comic Neue - Blasphemy of conservation?
compared to
The neurochemistry of Comic Sans
- Public domain
- Dyslexia
- Diemand-Yauman et al., 2011
- Ability to improve
Notable uses of
Comic Sans
"I think people who don't like Comic Sans don't know anything about design -- They don't understand that in design you have a brief."
"There are 200-300 fonts installed on every computer but people pick Comic Sans because it is different --. It is a personal decision. The same could be asked of why do people like Ugg boots, Justin Bieber or pink tracksuits."
- Vinent Connare

Diemand-Yauman, C.; Oppenheimer, D. M.; Vaughan, E. B. (2011). "Fortune favors the bold (and the italicized): Effects of disfluency on educational outcomes". Cognition 118 (1): 111–5.

Pajari, Katriina (2015). Näin Comic Sans päätyi Jari Aarnion nimikylttiin oikeudessa.

Winston, Anna (2014)"People who don't like Comic Sans don't know anything about design"

Weaponizing Comic Sans
- Comic Sans as a tool of opression and deprecation
- In April 2014, OpenBSD announced the LibreSSL project, claiming to have been the first to "weaponize" Comic Sans as a means for soliciting donations.

When you accomplish something scientifically significant, do you publish the results in Comic Sans?
Do you, too, think that Comic Sans is
"The language of Science"?
Is Comic Sans the greatest invention of the
human race?
Would you eat in a restaurant of which name is
written in Comic Sans?
Do you associate Comic Sans with comics?
What is your personal relationship with Comic Sans?
Is Comic Sans a manifestation of Antichrist?
Is Comic Sans a plot of Illuminati?
Would you take The Bible more seriously
if it was written in Comic Sans?
Is Comic Sans elegant?
Did Comic Sans turn less engaging when you turned 11 years old?
beer -> hangover -> food
Dopamine, endorphine
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