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Who am I?

No description

Lukas Vlcek

on 10 October 2017

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Transcript of Who am I?

Who am I?
What it is about...
There are no wrong answers
Positive thinking
Respect others!
Be active!

Informal attitude
Self - knowledge
- reflection
- presentation
The background
Safe environment
Enough time to think
Max 12 pupils in a group
Workshop for pupils and students
Individual expectations and career goals
Outline of the workshop
Self - management
Personal goals
Individual map of strenghts
Definition of competences and skills for labour market
Personal portfolio and CV
What works?
Particular "contract" for every class

Rules that every person agrees to respect

The focus on real experiences / Particular proofs of competences

Feedback from pupils to lecturers and then from lecturers to school

Feedback / Evaluation
w w w . i n f o k a r i e r a . c z
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