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Creating Searchable Maps with Google Fusion Tables

No description

Derek Eder

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of Creating Searchable Maps with Google Fusion Tables

Resources Limitations import data from Excel, csv, Google docs specify data types for columns customize styles customize info bubbles no custom point marker icons does not support 'OR' operator (coming soon) minor bugs are occasionally introduced editing data in table view is tedious Examples Chicago abandoned buildings What are Fusion Tables? like a hybrid between a spreadsheet and a SQL database place for storing large sets of data comes with many built-in visualizations and charts view and merge with other public data sets Thanks Q & A filters and aggregates add comments to data rows API - select, insert, update, delete, etc. buckets and gradients Broadband Illinois event tracking Google Maps API v3 Fusion Tables API Developer and Reference guides Fusion Tables Issue Tracker Fusion Tables Google Group built-in integration with Google Maps API Chicago TIF projects creating a simple map adding a Fusion Tables layer building a custom SQL search radius and rectangle search showing multiple layers
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