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Medicine and Health Sciences Library, Stellenbosch Library and Information Service: Introduction

Get to know the basics of the Medicine and Health Sciences Library, Stellenbosch Library and Information Service

Genbib Genbib

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of Medicine and Health Sciences Library, Stellenbosch Library and Information Service: Introduction

The library is on 1 level.
Left-side of library
Now let's introduce you to the physical library:
Client Services
Lending desk Information desk Training Room
Open floor computer area Reserve & Reference Collection
New book display Plasma screen
Printers Scanners Telephone for internal calls

Seminar rooms Reading room
Journal open shelves in alphabetical order according to journal title
Study desks Study cubicles

Client Services
Welcome to
Stellenbosch Library and Information Service
In this orientation you will learn
Use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to navigate forward or backward.
Important Places in the Library
Library Foyer

Left side of the

Right side of the library
Journal Shelves
Reading Room
Seminar Rooms
Study Cubicles
Study Tables
Left side of library
Library foyer
Meet the Medicine & Health Sciences Faculty Librarians

Learn to access & use the Library & Information Service (LIS)
Website & E-Resources effectively
how to access & use library resources

services and spaces available @ the
Medicine & Health Sciences Library

guides and training opportunities available to enable you to improve your research

More help is available at: http://libguides.sun.ac.za/

Meet the Lending Desk staff members
Medicine & Health Sciences Library Orientation
to see other locations & availability

You can also search the E-databases or E-Journals the Library subscribes to individually.
The Library & Information Service Website
click this link to learn how do I borrow and request books
Search the Library's Online Guides for general, subject and course specific resources & help
Library & Information Services Library Guides

click this link to visit the STEP-BY-STEP library Guides @
"How do I" guides e.g.
"How do I do my assignment: a STEP-BY-STEP guide"
Library - and user guides
Medicine & Health Sciences subject guides

Find & Open an E-Book:
Go to Renew Items to check your loans, due date & to renew your books
Read more on E-Books @ http://libguides.sun.ac.za/content.php?pid=551737&sid=4551986
Journals are arranged alphabetically on the journal shelves according to the journal title.
Books and DVDs are arranged according to a shelf number, i.e. National Library of Medicine system.
Consult SUNSearch and write down the shelf number for books / DVDs
Go to the right shelves and look for the shelf with the right shelf number
Look at the spine of the books
Check items out at the
Lending desk
SUNSearch is the Library Search Engine
Enter your keywords and search across resources like the Library Catalog, E-Databases, E-Journals, E-Reference Sources and more
Search SUNSearch to locate a specific title:
Learn to find items on the shelf:
How to access Library Resources
Login Procedure in the Library
Off-campus use SU campus network Username & Password to access E-Resources
Please note you need to be enrolled for the current academic year at Stellenbosch University in order to be allowed off-campus access to the library's e-resources. For more information, click under How do I? on the option, Obtain off-campus access to follow correct steps for off-campus access.
Google does not have all the answers!

Please note although the
Library's subscription e-resources are still available free of charge on-campus
, opening the Inetkey will download their webpages faster.

Do note that on-campus, even with your Inetkey open, you
won't be charged for the subscription e-resources base URL
, only for the add-ons to the web page

visit SUNSearch @
Access the library directly at http://library.sun.ac.za

Library & Information Services Training Program
The Library and Information Service offers a wide range of group training sessions with the main focus on enhancing the information literacy skills of all students at Stellenbosch University.

Book a specific training session on the
Training & events calendar
or consult the
postgraduate training programme
to see a list of all training sessions available for specific target groups.
Consult the
Medicine and Health Sciences Library Training & events calenda
r @

Information Desk
Lending Desk, Inter-library Loans
Reference & Short loan Collections
Computers, Printers & Study Tables
Telephone ( for internal calls to Faculty & Tygerberg Hospital)
Plasma screen
New books & Second-hand book displays
Training room
Test your knowledge
Select the test yourself link in the training guide below:
Thank you for watching this library guide
"Despite what students may think, Google does not have all the answers. Yahoo! Answers and Wikipedia popping up in the top results is only the beginning. Google is now manipulating results in far more apparent ways than search engine optimization and strategic ad placement."Emily Gover http://mediaspecialistsguide.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/guest-post-why-students-prefer-google.html

One of the important steps in our step-by-step guide "evaluation" explain the importance of using library resources to find credible, authoritative information for research assignments.
, will help you find credible, authoritative information for research assignments.

Search SUNSearch for books by selecting the
books & other items collection.

For articles & books
select Books + Articles
Search now by keywords, phrases, authors, titles and more...
Access control at the Medicine & Health Sciences Library requires swiping a valid student card


Lending desk staff members can assist you with printing, photocopying, issuing and returning of library resources.
Don't hesitate to ask your library staff for help.

Consult the Medicine & Health Sciences Library website for contact information
Photo gallery Video and DVD collections
Photocopy room Committee room
Book shelves
Study desks
Study Cubicles

Right-side of library

Book open shelves according to subject
Photocopy room Committee room
Study desks Study cubicles

Client Services
Right side of library

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