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UBC Budget Presentation 2015

No description

Glen Haubold

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of UBC Budget Presentation 2015

and Renewal
Increased Pressure on
Capital Renewal
This is a view from EC1 roof -
..maybe move that truck?
Pins / dowels
Order of magnitude
estimate for repairs
approximately $500k
Tunnel Failure
approximately $3 million
1% = $12 million
Zero Based 3 Year BRR Budget
Existing BRR process
Increased demands on capital renewal
Zero based BRR plan by FS
Observations about efficiency
Transition to new recommendation
2015 Sector Requests
increase credibility
provide realistic estimates
achieve savings by work consolidation
University Budget Council
BRR Fund Management
April 2015
The process now:
FS solicits estimate requests around a September time-frame
Colleges and Departments submit prioritized requests in January, some have as many as 18
FS presents the "sectors" for approval in spring to the University Budget Committee
Generally and usually, NMSU is able to fund the first priority of each College and / or VP
NMSU is all about Discovery!
Quintana's lab = $275,000
s/b $125k
91 elevators @ 1 mod / yr
= 91 year elevator cycle
5 year award (not expenditure)
Includes infrastructure support
FYS 2011 through 2015
Turbine controls
Landfill remediation $700k
Help from central?
Efficiencies and stewardship -
Detailed reports by specialists allows us to -
NMSU is all about Discovery!
BRR Fund Management
Sector Definitions
In light of this:
Presented to President, Provost and SVPAF
Recognize the impact of the funding gap
Concerned about funding for programmatic improvements
Support recommendation to UBC for cap at approximately $500k for Capital Improvement sector
a little history:
BRR formula based on 1994 GSF and CRV
$108.78 for lab GSF
Have 1/3 of need for capital renewal
Capital Improvement sector historically has been funded at approximately $1.25 million
epair and
Have developed formal plans for facility and infrastructure priorities
Will be recommending to UBC that Capital Improvement sector be funded at approximately $500k with specific project approval from Provost and SVPAF
Transition Year for BRR
Arts and Sciences - security renovation
Ag - concluding phase of student store
COB - bathroom renovations / donor
FS - ADA commitment at Walden
Transition Year
Plan for the next cycle
Let us know of any needs or hardships
There is no charge for FS estimates
the road to Discovery !
Reminder: We want to consolidate research needs with upgrades! - pls involve FS early in the grant process
Requests already designed and in process:
Advise FS of building concerns and needs anytime !
FY15-16 Requests
Decisions Requested
Sector percentages
Continuation of Authority to adjust sector percentages + / - 10% with AVP and SVPAF approvals

Thank you !
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