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Technology's Negative Effect of Family and Social Interaction

Camille Bailey, Lorin Almonte, Robert Fermin, Allen Fleming, Afzal Aminjonov

Camille Bailey

on 14 February 2017

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Transcript of Technology's Negative Effect of Family and Social Interaction

Think about It
Technology's Effect on Family Dynamic
Virtual Distance
Proof in Numbers
Research has shown that parents who allow their kids too much screen times

such as video games, tv, and the internet often perform poorly in school.
* Mobile devices such as cell phones create a huge conflict between kids and

their parents due to the fact that parents often responding to emails and text

messages and not paying attention to their children creates a form of jealousy

in the child because he has to compete for his/her parents time and focus.
What is VD?
Voice of the People
The concept of Virtual Distance displays that the rules of social interaction have changed and has changed the way people feel about communicating with the people around them.
Virtual Distance is causing a change in interpersonal interactions and is strongly affecting many of children's language development and other imperative skills.
Because of new technologies we are losing two of the most our most precious aspects of life: family relationships and social interaction. Advanced technologies are negatively affecting our youth whom, are our future.Society must try hard in order to bring those values before this technology takeover back to adults lives and to the lives of their children.
Does Technology Have A Negative Effect
on Family Dynamic and Social Interaction?
Many sociologists from universities, journalists and

individuals have tested families to confirm that technology

doesn't just affect but also interacts with many things like

communication, connections and spending time together in

many families across the world.
“ Virtual Distance is a psychological and emotional sense of detachment that accumulates little by little, at the sub-conscious or unconscious level, as people trade-off time interacting with each other for time spent “ screen skating” ( swiping , swishing, pinching, tapping, and so on).”
During Field Observations at Elon
University, 73% of students were observed using their cellphones, computers or tablets
Out of 200 students observed, 69% of students were using technology in some form.
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