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Using technology in materials writing and course design

Here is my workshop from BESIG Prague on 10 November 2013.

Andy Johnson

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Using technology in materials writing and course design

Using technology in materials writing and course design
Input 1: Infographics
Input 2: Touchcast
Input 3: Websites
Ideas on use
Find 5-10 interesting facts
BESIG Prague 10/11/13
Andy Johnson
Convey a lot of information using a minimal amount of language
Vocabulary rich
Much easier to read than dense text on a computer screen
Easy to find on almost any topic
Help students to become more critical of information sources
Lend themselves to a wide variety of tasks
You can create your own
Need to build the material from the graphic, not other way around
Difficult to
format if printing
Loss of definition
Making your own
can take time (and patience!)
Is the information true or false?
Find a source to support the information
Write a summary of the infographic as a report
Give a presentation
What surprised you?
Prepare a proposal
Use it as a basis for warmer
Find someone who...
See Results
Presentation practice
Google Hot Trends
Student news
Listening for detail and
Flipped learning
Good for creating a how to...
Easy to use
Allows students to interact with video
Embed links and other content
Fully browsable, responsive and alive
Many options
Desktop version on the way
Can embed videos on other pages
You can upload to Youtube
Tablet only
Perhaps too many options
Takes time to learn how to use it
Vocabulary and idioms
Problem solving
Giving instructions
Encourage extensive reading
Presentation inspiration
One-minute topics
Trends language
Reading skills
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