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Need For Welderpassport

Explains the need for collaboration between organisations in the welding industry to increase productivity and improve long term quality in the welder qualification process.

Niekie Jooste

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of Need For Welderpassport

Increasing Labour Efficiency Is First Prize!
Navigating The Stormy Water
of Project Delivery
Getting a welder on the job is one of the most costly and time consuming labour recruitment processes.
Welder Performance Qualification is costly due to:
Direct cost of performing tests.
Cost of unproductive manpower
Cost of project management and recruitment efforts.
Cost of project delays or plant down time.
Common Platform for Administering Migrant Welders Needs:
Third party oversight to ensure data integrity.
Security features and a structure that protects participants' interests and their data.
Ability to access data from anywhere in the world.
Generate an employment history, to be able to verify that WPQ's have been re-validated and not revoked.
Integration of migrant and non-migrant welder data for fabricators.
Most Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ) tests are duplicates and do not add new information to the broader industry.
The approach of duplicating WPQ tests was needed in the past, as the alternatives were just as impractical and expensive as the replicated testing.
In our internet connected world, the infrastructure now exists for organisations to collaborate, to work towards elimination of the replicated efforts in the WPQ field.
The only outstanding element has been a suitable internet platform for achieving this collaborative effort in welder performance qualifications.
Until now, the only element missing to achieve the stated objectives was a common internet based platform.
That has now changed!
Introducing The Collaborative Platform For
Welder Performance Qualifications
Features of
Internet based Welder Performance Qualification administration system.
Utilize existing industry participants.
Migrant welder data integrity checked by Welderpassport.
Agents can assign welders temporarily to fabricators.
Fabricator integration of own and migrant welder qualifications.
Migrant welder employment history built up over time.
Security features enable agents and fabricators to protect their data sets.
Pay per use costing model, ensuring little up-front risk.
Benefits of Using Welderpassport:
Increases revenues.
Better communication channel with clients.
Ownership of data set encourages welder retention.
Fabricators / Contractors / End Users:
Reduce project delays during recruitment.
Better probability of hiring the right welding personnel.
Reduced cost of welder testing.
Integration of own and migrant welder data.
Increased revenues.
Good welders have edge in negotiating rates with clients.
Your reputation sells you to clients.
Administer multiple clients on single platform.
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