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The Writing Process

No description

Christopher Jimenez y West

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of The Writing Process

The Writing Process
This is your core level idea about your reaction to the prompt...take a look and based upon what you know from your reading, lecture, powerpoint, etc using non academic language just tell me what you think...your gut level reaction Underline in the prompt key words or phrases that you believe must be addressed in your paper.
You are going through all of your notes now but with a focus on your original gut instinct and reaction to the prompt. So if for example the focus is dis enfranchisement for Blacks post Reconstruction combine what you feel or think about that with specific ideas culled from the research. Here you are going to one to chart on one side your gut reactions to the prompt and on the other connect those gut reactions to specific instances in the curriculum (power point, lecture, etc.) that support your reactions.
Thesis Statement
The thesis statement is you fundamental building block of your paper, it defines where the paper is going, its central idea, what matters to you combined with the curriculum from the course. It is the place that you will continue to return to throughout the paper. Your thesis should contain the topic as well as what are you going to prove in this paper.
The draft brings together all of the elements, your thesis statement, research and notes into your first couple of attempts to frame and shape your argument...from the draft you will edit and re edit before you submit a final version for evaluation.
You are going into all of the curriculum for the course: Power point, Lecture Notes, Reading Notes, Primary Sources, Multi Media and generating an annotated research document that is non - edited to pull from later
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