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Windows 10TL 2017

No description

Kathy McAndrew

on 11 May 2017

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Transcript of Windows 10TL 2017

Windows 10TL 2017:
Teaching and Learning Spaces

Project Update
First Step:

Review Lessons Learned from Phase 1 (Student Support)

Tight Timelines
Community Involvement
What's in Scope?
The project team is currently tackling these tasks:
Finalizing Software Title List for Fall 2017: So far no issues in Windows 10
Finalizing hardware to test
Gathering Feedback on the User Experience for Students and Faculty

Reaching out to Students:
Each Campus will be setting up a Windows 10 machine with a customized Start Menu -- with Tiles for SLATE, ACCESS SHERIDAN, MAIL, OFFICE for student evaluation. (we have started this with our co-op students already)
Students could vote on if this layout would work for them -- or if there are other Tiles they would like to see designed.
will improve by engaging the IT Knowledge and Communications Coordinator to release updates and insight to what's coming with Windows 10 via emails, website and The Insider.
Sheridan Community Involvement
There will be an ask at the end of this presentation to the Sheridan Community represented at UX 360 to assist in involving faculty with the Projects' Design Phase and Testing Phase.

User Experience
User Experience
To encourage customer adoption, Tiles can be limited and designed to reflect a more intuitive, cleaner look and feel -- this would be the approach we would like to take for Classroom and Podium PC desktops and VDI machines. This would provide a consistent experience for faculty and students in the Classroom and Learning Spaces.
are tight once again, but manageable with proper resourcing and streamlining of the Critical Path.
Project Charter goes into great detail, but in general:
Classroom and Podium PC Desktops
VDI Machines in Labs and Learning Commons
Faculty Laptops on Request or upon Refresh
One option being considered would be to allow end users to customize their Start Menu experience without any imposed limitations -- using the features that Windows 10 supplies natively.

Reaching out to Faculty
Asking UX360 group for help defining the experience:
1) for Faculty laptops
2) for Podium PC
Would faculty prefer a self customizing view? (as in slide 8) or a slimmed down Customized view? (as in slide 10)

We will have test machines set up and ready for loan at each campus location!
Faculty members needed:

1) To vote on the design for VDI (Podium PCs)
2) Review design Options for laptops

3) Participate in Beta Testing (June/July?)
ASKING UX360 Group!

(due date is FALL 2017)
We hope to engage students in a Windows 10 event where they can try out the OS, vote and get some swag!
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