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Super Junior (슈퍼 주니어)

Why I love Super Junior ^_^

Sime Min Presbitero

on 18 June 2011

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Transcript of Super Junior (슈퍼 주니어)

Super Junior Why I Love them They remember to always have fun wherever they are... They believe in each other They always praise each other after a long day performing... They are always supprotive of each other when one of them or even all of them are crying... They are like brothers to each other since they've worked for 6 years together... They are funny and they don't forget to always have a good time around each other... Things you should know about every single one of them... Park Junsu (LeeTeuk) LeeTeuk is Super Junior's provocative and sometimes immature leader... He was born in July 1, 1983...
He is the youngest of the park family and has an older sister named Park InYoung... He is nicknamed Fallen Angel and Special leader...
He never fails as Super Junior's leader and he is also a hyung/Oppa to all the other artists under SM Entertainment, since he is the oldest... On April 19, 2007, EeTeuk together with Fellow members Kyuhyun, Shindong and Eunghyuk got into a serious car accident... Which left EeTeuk seriously injured which caused him to recieve 170 stiches to both his face and back...
He got released from the hospital on April 30... Kim Heechul Heechul is super Junior's cherry, joker and pranker... He plays pranks on people but no one ever pranks on him The members treats him as an old man since he is the oldest of them all... Heechul is a sometimes a narcissist and always brags about how beautiful he is... He sometimes tells the members that he is God... He bosses everyone around and he is not the kind of person to mess with... He is the Mother of Super Junior and punishes anybody that hurts his children ;P HanGeng (Hankyung) Hangeng is the only Chinese member (original) of Super Junior therefore he gets teased a lot... He and Heechul are like best friends and they alkways get in trouble...
HanGeng is also the only one that can tease Heechul because Heechul doesn't hurt Hangeng... Hangeng got a lot of anti-fans after he debuted, but Heechul was there for him and actually beat them up ^^ Hangeng is one of the best dancers of the group and he is also one of the most athletic ones... Heechul does fan services and he is not ashamed to kiss anybody in Super Junior, in fact I think that he has already kissed all of them... On December 2007, Hangeng filed a lawsuit about SM Entertainment not giving him a fair contract... He of course won, but SM Entertainment shouldn't have done that in the first place... it was basically Slavery... After HanGeng left Super Junior Heechul hadn't had the same smile as the old times...
He still smiles but not as big as when he was with Hangeng... Heechul was born in July 10, 1983, he is 9 days younger than LeeTeuk and he is also the youngest in his family, his older sister is Kim Hee HanGeng was born on April 8, 1984...
He is the third oldest of Super Junior and he is also an only child...
He always cries when things go wrong but he always knows that Heechul is by his side always...
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