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Pharma ChecktoCashup

No description

Anna Radzhabova

on 7 June 2017

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Transcript of Pharma ChecktoCashup

A patented new approach to protecting and identifying product and document authenticity, based on unique digital codes stored on a server.
In September 2015 the World Customs Organization embraced ChecktoCashup Ltd. within its global network of track & trace and authentication solutions interfaced with IPM
In October 2015 ChecktoCashup Ltd joined the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC) - the longest-standing organization of the kind
ChecktoCashup Ltd. has worked closely with ICC
Counterfeit Intelligence Bureau since March 2015
was founded in 2012

How does the

system work?

Comparison of secure digital codes
Code can not be copied
ChecktoCashup uses a unique reference system through easy-to-apply markings.

These markings can be read by both computers and mobile application and their legitimacy is checked through internet against a third-party online database.

ChecktoCashup system can be integrated with the manufacturer's, retailer’s and reseller’s IT
systems for location based monitoring, inventory management or asset tracking

ChecktoCashup codes can be used at point of sale with using traditional 2D scanners
Easy to produce
Easy to apply to both bottle
and package
Easy to check for counterfeit
using smartphone
Easy to apply
Easy to check for counterfeit
using smartphone
1616 billions Euro is estimated counterfeit global trade.
Customer choice of restrictions
Split codes
The QR code can be easily scanned for counterfeit using any smartphone with a camera, internet and the ChecktoCashup mobile app.
All you need to do is:
Scan the product code with smartphone
The app then checks automatically the product code against an online database
The app will let you know whether the medicine is authentic or not
ChecktoCashup uses patented leading solutions to secure against counterfeiting, such as: “3D” Aztec code on each product

Possibility to split identification code between package and tablets

Could be increased by using ChecktoCashup specific ink

ChecktoCashup code can not be copied

Options for medicines

CheckOpti is a tracing, anti-counterfeit multi-verification system using an optical encrypted mark.
CheckOpti uses a unique ”3D” Aztec /QR code to identify the medicine
CheckOpti uses unique optical encrypted markings which can be added to any label, back-label, cork, package-insert or tax mark, package or tablet itself
Code can be easily added during the production phase without the need of special equipment or later as a ready-made sticker
CheckTrace based on optical technology of CheckOpti
Code holds all the necessary information about the medicine such as where, when and how the drug was made.
Code also gives a possibility to determine and monitor the location of the medicine and how it got there
Can be integrated with the manufacturer's, retailer’s and reseller’s IT-systems for location-based monitoring
CheckDoc is a system enabling the checking of documents signed either digitally or physically
E-mail: info@checktocashup.com
Tel: (+372) 6 788 397
Web: www.checktocashup.com
The most cost effective way of defeating counterfeiters and counterfeit products

The most cost effective way of defeating counterfeiters and counterfeit products...

ANTI-COUNTERFEIT solution for the pharmaceuticals industry

The WHO International Medical Products Anti-Counterfeiting Taskforce (IMPACT) estimates that in many developing countries more than 30 % of medicines may be counterfeit.

The impact to the patient could be fatal
In 1995, 89 people died in Haiti after ingesting cough syrup manufactured with diethylene glycol (a chemical commonly used as anti-freeze).
A recent survey of seven African countries by WHO found that between 20% and 90% of all anti-malarials failed quality testing
In February 2014, 19 medical clinics in the United States were found to be using counterfeit Avastin, a life-saving cancer drug.
EU Directive 2001/83/EC
According to the European Commission (EC), the threat from falsified medicinal products to public health and safety is on the rise and therefore the EC has introduced new legislation, amending Directive 2001/83/EC on the Community code relating to medicinal products for human use, aimed at improving the protection of public health through the prevention of the entry of falsified medicinal products into the legal supply chain in the European Union (EU). In 2018, the full requirements, yet to be decided, will be implemented

One of the measures of the EU directive is to add safety features to allow verification of the authenticity of each pack of the medicinal product supplied and to identify individual packs, regardless of how they are supplied including through distance selling
The data repository and verification system will hold a unique identification code for each medicinal product that enters that legal supply chain and will register once the product is dispensed to the consumer, i.e. by scanning the identification code. This way, each unique identification number can only be dispensed once
Checktocashup Drug or third parties Alarm and Management app

Pharmaceutical industry

Additionally counterfeiting can have a detrimental impact on the brand and pharmaceutical company.
Mobile “App” & website verification
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