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Copy of Weclome!

No description

kelly longo

on 24 August 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Weclome!

Benefits of A+....
encourages good grades
has an attendance requirement
helps students gain self-confidence
interact with other students and adults through learning experiences
What is A+?
A+ Tutor Training NHS 2016

Forms To Complete
Several four-year colleges and universities in Missouri also give their own A+ scholarships for students who meet the requirements.

See the financial aid office (Ms. Julie Loesche) to check about specific four-year colleges and universities and what they offer
How does A+ translate to $$$?
St. Charles Community College- $5,120.* based on a 2-year degree program

St. Louis Community College-$7,872* based on a 2-year degree program and out-of-district tuition for St. Charles residents.

Linn State Technical College-$12,280* based on a 2-year degree program
A+ Requirements
cumulative GPA at graduation
95% attendance over 4 years of school
50 in-district tutoring hours
Good Citizenship
Attend an A+ designated school for 3 years immediately prior to graduation
score proficient or advanced on Alg. 1 EOC
or 17 in math on ACT
Tutoring Information
Students can tutor....
During or after school at elementary, middle or high schools
Summer School Reading
5th Grade Camp
Safety Town
Miscellaneous Opportunities
A+ provides tuition assistance for community colleges and state-supported vocational/technical colleges

A+ is good for four years after graduation
Check Report Cards for A+ Status

How do I apply?
Applications for A+ are available from the A+ Office or on the Fort Zumwalt School District Website (you only need to complete once) http://www.fz.k12.mo.us
SENIOR DEADLINE: Sept 14, 2016

A+ Schools Program Agreement
A+ Schools Program Citizenship Agreement
A+ Tutoring Agreement
A+ Tutoring Placement requests
All forms are located in the main office/ here
Placement Request Forms
Important Information for You- Tutoring
All tutoring must be
academic in nature
conducted on school premises
supervised and verified by a FZ employee
Scheduled to take place outside of your normal school day
Tutoring Time Sheet
Important Notes about Time Sheets....

Always complete a time sheet! (Turn it in weekly)
Lost time sheets are your responsibility
if you lose a time sheet you can get one in the main office or the tutoring site
can recreate the using the log sheet at site or main office
Begin tutoring as soon as you can (preferably 10th grade year)
let the A+ office know at the beginning of each semester
All tutoring must be completed by May 1st of your senior year
Be sure to sign it! Your time sheets will be audited.
Types of Tutoring
After school
Feeder elementary schools
North Middle School
North High School
Safety Town
application process- training
5th grade camp
A Good Tutor is a Conscientious Tutor
Arrive at your assigned tutoring on time
Learn and use appropriate sign in procedure
attend regularly
if you must be absent, call you assigned site
to scheduled session
(Two absences without notification will result in a one-semester suspension)
Be a Conscientious Tutor

Dress appropriately (you are a role model)
become familiar with school rules and procedures
never criticize the supervising adult or the classroom rules
keep your records up to date and accurate
time sheets are turned in weekly
A Good Tutor is Courteous!
Treat everyone with respect
Be polite
Be positive
Willingly assume tutoring tasks
Follow directions
A Good Tutor Communicates Well
Be a good listener!
Learn names
Be attentive
Establish rapport
Establish purpose
Talk with supervisors regularly
A Good Tutor Understands Confidentiality
Do not share names, academic needs, or personal information about your students with anyone other than their supervisor.
If a student tells you something that is concerning, tell the supervisor- not your parent, friend, or teacher.
Building Self-Esteem
Identify put-down statements
Use build-up statements to reinforce positive behavior
must complete a placement form each semester
What if I want to stop tutoring?
Notify Mrs. Burkemper (main office)
NO CELL PHONES, IPODS, MP3 Players, etc.
school discipline guidelines apply
As we conclude this session...
take a moment to complete the quiz

Prior to tutoring....
should be completed and turned in to Mrs. Burkemper about two weeks before you want to start tutoring
Once assigned, Mrs. Burkemper will call you to the A+ office
To Complete this form- PRINT your name on the form where indicated and include current grade
Read through the schools and times listed
chose the schedule that best fits your availability
Complete Time Sheet
We will now complete your time sheet for tutoring today
make sure you have 4 papers
will be collected at the end
complete quiz as we go
pay attention to the pink
What is A+?
We will complete the time sheet for today together now.
It is imperative that you turn this sheet in regularly.
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