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Our Code, Our Standards - teachers discussion

No description

Education Council

on 13 March 2017

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Transcript of Our Code, Our Standards - teachers discussion

Sets out the agreed expectations of ethical practice (the Code) and what effective teaching looks like (the Standards)
Together these form the core platforms of the teaching profession
Consultation is open until 21 April
Once finalised, the new Code and Standards will be introduced on 1 July, 2017
The new Code will replace the 2003 Teachers' Code of Ethics
The new Standards will replace the Practising Teacher Criteria
Thinking about the Code
Does this reflect the shared expectations of professional and ethical practice?
Is there anything missing? Anything we need to change?
The draft Code has been
shaped by the views of teachers
Now it's time to test the draft Code more broadly
A commitment to...
the teaching profession
parents/caregivers and families/whānau
How to have your say:
online survey
Consultation closes 21 April.

Your views are important to us!
All feedback we receive will help shape the final code, which will be finalised by 1 July.
...with principles and examples to support each commitment in practice.
The code is based
on values
The draft Standards
A revision of the Practising Teacher Criteria
Being piloted alongside a consultation process
There will be a phased transition before all teachers are expected to use them
The standards describe
what effective
teaching looks like
Thinking about
the Standards

Do these describe what effective teaching practice looks like?
Is there anything missing? Anything we need to change?
What are the personal qualities of a great teacher?
Discussion with colleagues
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