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Neighbourhood Management in Great Yarmouth

No description

louise hampton

on 22 February 2017

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Transcript of Neighbourhood Management in Great Yarmouth

Neighbourhood Management in Great Yarmouth,

Louise Hampton
Daniel Hastings
Great Yarmouth Borough Council


Getting to know Great Yarmouth
How do we work?
Where are we now?
True or False?
1. The Fish Finger was invented in Great Yarmouth
2. The Great Yarmouth Minster is the largest Parish Church in England
3. Great Yarmouth has the most complete Medieval Town Wall outside of York
4. Charles Dickens used Great Yarmouth as a key location for his novel David Copperfield
5. Great Yarmouth has the largest Grey Seal colony in Great Britain
6. Great Yarmouth exports Spaghetti to Italy
7. Great Yarmouth is home to the oldest wooden rollercoaster in Europe
8. The Great Yarmouth Hippodrome circus is the only fixed circus in the world to have a sunken pool for watershows
9. King Charles I death certificate was signed in the Elizabethan House on Great Yarmouth's South Quay
10. Every Year Great Yarmouth hosts the Out There festival - an international festival of outdoor theatre and Circus

Where do we work?
Urban wards
Universal challenges - unemployment, health inequalities, low attainment, high transience, cohesion, poor quality housing
Specific challenges - flood risk and engagement with GRT community
Detail 3
Key Principles
Resident led
Place leaders
Connectivity is key for resilience
Asset based

Neighbourhood boards
community forums/meetings/lunches
ongoing engagement in communities
The Teams

NMs and CDWs x3
Patch based
Neighbourhood offices

Neighbourhoods That Work, Reaching Communities funded project funds wider team

Reaching Communities funded
7 delivery partners
25 posts
5 year project
Working to enhance resilience and build connectivity

Activity with Theory of change
Thinking about your own neighbourhoods, what are the ways in which you would build up relationships and start to know people in your community?

Look at families... apply this to them.
Thinking of Sarah, what impact could that have had.
Project Healthy Bus Stops: Neighbourhood Management, place leadership in action

Public Health Healthy Communities money for deprived wards in Norfolk

Delivered via Neighbourhood Management

Highest outcomes than all other sister projects across the county

Success because delivered in a creative place based way

Long term outcome, Public Health now allocate resources to NM and commission via Neighbourhood Boards

Some questions to think about...
1. What do you think the family’s needs are?
2. What services do you think a family could be linked in with?
3. What opportunities do you think the families could explore?
4. How much do you think each family would cost services?

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