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How to create your schematic design in a minute?

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Makarand Kapoor

on 24 January 2016

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Transcript of How to create your schematic design in a minute?

The Guide will provide a deep dive tutorial for a user to get started. There are three areas in the application to get familar with:
Requirement Entry tool.
Schematic Viewer
Schematic Export Option
Requirement Entry
This is where your board requirements are entered. To start creating a design:
You need to know the processor you need for your design
Peripherals you need in your embedded board
Power supply input for the board.
Connectors and type you need on the schematic.
Once you are armed with the above details click on the tools button from www.circuit-tree.com website and you should land on the screen shown in the next page.
Schematic Viewer
The section allows the generated schematic to be viewed online or allows the design to be exported. The schematic viewer segregates a design in following areas
Major components. It contains processor and the peripheral connections.
Clock top: Clock circuitry is displayed here.
Power top: Power components and power connections for the complete circuit.
Input Power Top: Input power section.
Reset Top: Reset generation and distribution section is added here.
Export Options
The application allows you to export the design to
Vendor tool series
Cadence Allegro
Mentor Pads
Altium Designer
Design Spark
The above options are currently disabled in free tool.
All Page PDF version- Enabled in free tool.
Option is also there to export vendor neutral net-list file and bill of Material.
How to create your Embedded Hardware design in a minute?
A Blank requirement screen
Start by selecting a processor.
Add the Power block values which can be between 3.3 to 16V in board entry power.
Add Peripherals and connect them with processor block while choosing any peripheral design option fields for that peripheral.
You can clear the design and start fresh to create new set of requirement
Next Steps
You will notice components present on the left side which can be dragged on the white board.
Next Steps
The tool is interactive and will flag a error when a unsupported interface is connected to the processor block.
User examples are provided for the processor and peripherals which can be selected from example section.
Once all peripherals are connected and have non red color , press commit requirements to finalize the board requirement.
Schematic Viewer
Other Options
After a schematic has been generated there is a option to go back to requirement tool to change any peripheral information.
A option exists in www.circuit-tree.com to purchase the tool wherein lots of features mentioned in the pricing page will be enabled for the user to create more dynamic circuit.
Guide End
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