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Advanced Health Drug Analysis Project

No description

Kristy Staples

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of Advanced Health Drug Analysis Project

What is the project?
In advanced health, an elective class for students in grades 10-12, students complete a drug reference project. This class and the project were new this year. The project produced some great work, but with any assessment, improvements can always be made. This project required students to select a drug from a list provided and then find a book, TV show, movie or 2 songs which referenced or was about the drug. The students then researched specific information about the drug, read the book, watched parts of the show, watched the movie or listened to the song. As they did this they were analyzing any correct or incorrect references made about the drug. At the end, students created a power point to share their findings. This was then presented to the class. Due to 1:1 laptops, most students selected a TV show or a song then most created the presentation on Google slides.
Changes to the Project that will Improve Student Literacy & Writing Skills

1.) This project will originate from blendspace.com where the teacher can assist in the research (appropriate sources) of each drug & the knowledge that is gained.

2.) After each day of reading, viewing or listening students will blog about their reactions/connections/references. As Hick's(2013) explains, this writing will need to demonstrate critical thinking, not just regurgitating information. Teacher led prompts will help this. Blogs will be completed on blogger.com

More Changes...
2.) Students will write an opinion essay, using google docs, about why or why not the book, song, TV show or movie should be allowed for people under the age of 18 to view, read or hear it.

3.) Students will have a choice on how to present the information:
*Google Slides
*Any other program
the student selects.

Keys to Successful Writing & Presenting
this will allow the writer to better understand when, how & why to include certain elements. (Hicks, 2013)

ode: genre of text

edia: the form(s) in which a text is created

udience: the reader, listener, or viewer of text

urpose: action the author takes

ituation: context for the writer-demands of task
(Hicks, 2013, pg 21 & 65)
More Keys to Success....
1.) Stay away from "power pointless" presentations
. (Hicks, 2013, pg 61).

Make your presentation stick
- leave a lasting impression

3.) Simple is usually better

4.) Activate curiosity

5.) Give credible facts & data
- cite sources

6.) Appeal to emotions

Tell a story
- connect to the viewer

(Hicks, 2013)
Purpose of the Project?
The purpose was for students to understand the many connections and references made about drugs throughout songs, books, TV shows & movies. Sometimes these references are obvious, sometimes there are hidden meanings or messages in the writing & speaking. It's important that people be educated about what they are listening to, watching or reading since unfortunately these books, shows & songs can have an impact on the type of life we choose to live.
Advanced Health Drug Reference Project BY:Kristy staples
The teacher will introduce, through mentor texts (TED.com), the following for students to consider during their writing & presenting ...
How to differentiate
*This project allows for student choice.

*Reading can be done online with AOS #94's program that reads the text to the student

Have a Strong VOICE

Be Unique

Write/Speak Clearly
*For those who do not want to stand in front of the class & talk, they can use Voice Thread to record their presentation ahead of time.
Example: https://docs.google.com/a/aos94.org/presentation/d/1eyB7PKsiMM1Qh21nJrN5Ncb6OJDYTlKPlZm-vJpg2U8/edit?usp=sharing
Throughout the project:
Hicks, T. (2013). 
Crafting Digital Writing Composing Texts Across Media and Genres
. Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Heinemann.
"A good presentation is the result of a great deal of writing that never shows up on slides but becomes part of the words spoken by the writer." (Hicks, 2013, pg 67)
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