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Alamo Heights ISD

Alamo Heights ISD: Profile of a Learner

Mari Boyd

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of Alamo Heights ISD


Develop a Healthy Sense of Self
Engage in self-reflection to understand one's personal strengths and unique gifts
Recognize and address personal needs and challenges
Make thoughtful choices that cultivate fulfillment and a balanced life
Take responsibility for personal choices, actions and mistakes
Develop and nurture healthy, loving relationships
Live a physically healthy life
Openly express themselves with humility and vulnerability
Seek Knowledge and Understanding
Exhibit intellectual curiosity
Master a broad, rich curriculum
Actively construct and demonstrate knowledge and skills
Inherently value their own learning
Nurture lifelong enthusiasm for learning
Maximize resources to expand their learning environment
Think Critically and Creatively
Approach the world and others objectively
Evaluate evidence and question assumptions
Challenge existing mindsets and ways of thinking
Identify, frame and solve multidimensional problems
Engage Socially
and Globally
Model a spirit of mutual respect for all
Understand their relationship and responsibility to society
Value diversity as a strength
Understand and engage in local, national and global issues
Exhibit responsible digital citizenship
Communicate effectively in more than one language
Add value to the world through service
Alamo Heights ISD
Profile of a Learner

Alamo Heights Learners make informed and proactive choices in living healthy and balanced lives. Alamo Heights Learners reflect regularly upon success, failure, and their own learning, as well as on themselves as learners. Strong and stable school relationships and connectedness are key protective factors in the lives of Alamo Heights Learners. Moreover, they see even the most formidable challenges and failures as opportunities for personal growth.
Throughout their school careers and beyond, Alamo Heights Learners apply the knowledge and skills of core disciplines and the arts in the quest of understanding. Although the individual pace and path of the curriculum is calibrated to match differentiated student needs, mastery of a rigorous curriculum is developed through active construction of knowledge. Alamo Heights Learners pursue personalized and passion-based learning outside of classroom walls supported by community partnerships and unique time and space configurations.
Alamo Heights Learners demonstrate intellectual curiosity and resourcefulness and apply imagination and inventiveness in the creative process.
Alamo Heights Learners cultivate a moral thoughtfulness and possess the tenacity and persistence to deeply understand and take action on complex problems. They make objective decisions after considering the potential consequences of their actions and are willing to grow as a result of the experience.
Speak and write with clarity and purpose
Graciously give and receive constructive feedback
Listen compassionately to support others
Listen to decipher meaning
Assume shared responsibility in collaborative work
Value the contributions of others
Balance individual goals with group goals
Work flexibility as leaders and contributors
Alamo Heights Learners express themselves purposefully, clearly and creatively in their speaking and writing, as well as in any other forms they find personally effective and rewarding. As a result of their education and experiences, Alamo Heights Learners craft an authentic identity as leaders. They are able to restrain their individual goals to contribute to the collective efforts of a team and do not privilege speaking over listening. Rather, listening is valued as an essential communication tool. Alamo Heights Learners possess the skills to efficiently and responsibly communicate in all phases of daily life, from face-to-face interactions to social media.
Employ Skills for Life
Develop strong work ethic and exhibit professionalism
Take risks, accept challenges and value the learning that comes from failure
Demonstrate adaptability and flexibility in an ever-changing world
Apply learning to real-world situations
Effectively manage time, assess progress and evaluate results
Display grit and resilience in the face of challenge
Exhibit exceptional character
In tandem with academic skills, Alamo Heights Learners acquire the core skills needed to support success in higher education and the work place. Alamo Heights Learners are persistent in the face of challenge and courageous by taking risks in thinking.
Personal responsibility and integrity are acknowledged as the pillars of character and of community. Alamo Heights Learners can anticipate and respond positively to shifting environments and situations. In addition, Alamo Heights Learners demonstrate personal accountability through integrity, punctuality, and workload management.
Alamo Heights Learners respect their own culture as well as the values, traditions, and personal histories of others to the point of empathy. Recognizing the strength of bilingualism, Alamo Heights Learners promote and seek language learning.
Contributing to a more just, sustainable and peaceful society, Alamo Heights Learners give back through engaging in service learning in the community and beyond.
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