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June CHECK Up (Southern MD)

No description

Kate Wasserman

on 15 December 2016

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Transcript of June CHECK Up (Southern MD)

#1: To understand the BHIPP consultation model in Maryland

#2: To understand the commitments of the CHECK Up Early Childhood Mental Health Learning Collaborative

#3 To Understand the elements of a preschool psychiatric assessment

#4 To Identify Personal Learning Goals for this learning community process.

#5 To understand the recommended use of psychopharmocologic interventions in early childhood primary care.

Resources and References
Preschool Psychopharmacology
Thank you for joining our CHECK Up Learning Community.

We look forward to hearing more about your progress and practice with ECMH in primary care at our next session on July 10th.
At this session you will hear from Mary Leppert, M.B, B.Ch., a BHIPP Consultant from the Division of Neurology and Developmental Medicine at Kennedy Krieger Institute. She will talk about developmental assessment in primary care, including feedback to families, partnering with providers and billing and coding for this service.
Early Childhood Mental Health Case-Based Learning
Video Clip: http://nyti.ms/1dTod0n
Introduction to BHIPP
& Setting Learning Goals
Please invite your office managers & directors for this talk!
Call the line, 855-MD-BHIPP
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