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5 Star Presentation

Samantha Wingerter

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of FSU PRSSA

Public Relations Student Society of America
Ferris State University
Campus Programming
Campus/Community Participation
Who We Are
The Ferris State University chapter of PRSSA has direct affiliation with the nation's largest network of PR practitioners, the Public Relations Society of America. Objectives of the Ferris State chapter include the enhancement and understanding of current theories and techniques in public relations and the establishment of personal contacts through working with PR professionals.

Membership is open to all students who demonstrate an interest in public relations. Current chapter activities include, but are not limited to, seminars, visits by public relations professionals; participating in our student-led PR firm; and annually attending the PRSSA National Conference.

Most importantly,
we do what we love, and love what we do.
Our Chapter
Membership Showcase
Alexa Torres
Arielle Borkovich
Position: VP of Professional Development
Breann Fuller
Briana Mumby
Crystal Jacklovitz
Carlonte Wallace

Devin Anderson
Emma Lavengood
Emma Thibault
Position: President
Erin Moore
Jenna Kaatz
Jordan House
Position: VP of Client Relations
Katilyn Patrick
Kate Bewak
Position: VP of Campus & Community Outreach
Katie Thornsberry
Lauren Smith

Jamie Baranek
Josh Olszewski
Kaitlyn "KP" Patrick
Favorable Recognition
Volunteering and Donations
Volunteer Hours:
Donations Raised:
Professional Development
Thank You!
Co-Sponsored Events
Sponsored Events
Ferris PRSSA visits Chicago!
Bell ringing for the Salvation Army
Second Annual,
Za Best of Za Best
PRSSA volunteeting for Bulldogs in Action
Members making blankets for Angels of Action
PRSSA table at Relay for Life
Bulldogs in Action
Relay for Life
Za Best of Za Best
Headshot Fundraiser
Alumni Mixer
Senior Sendoff
Suit Up Challenge
Blanket Drive
Can Drive
Snug as a Bug Drive

Renee Trudeau
Dominic Hennig

Torch shoutout about
Za Best of Za Best Event
The Social Affairs team in Ferris State PRSSA has organized many events throughout the 2015-2016 academic year. Members within the Social Affairs branch have planned and hosted fundraisers including a Qdoba booklet fundraiser and pizza tasting competition called, ‘Za Best of Za Best.’ The fundraisers are designed to raise money to support Ferris State PRSSA. Social Affairs plans events such as agency tours where members travel to Chicago and other big cities to visit public relations firms. A couple members on the Social Affairs team also plan the Senior Sendoff event in April. Senior Sendoff is hosted every year, where seniors in PRSSA are recognized for their accomplishments at Ferris State. This event includes a formal dinner and gathering of all PRSSA members and certain faculty within the College of Business. Overall, Social Affairs is responsible for planning and coordinating all of the events for our members.
Chapter Development is actively making sure members are growing both personally and professionally. This includes professional development presentations each month about various topics, such as the importance of posting professional content on social media and tips for writing cover letters. The Chapter Development team is in charge of organizing speakers to come to meetings. Jenny Griffin from Steelcase talked to members about the possibilities through PRSSA, and Olivia Adams has talked about blogging and networking. This allows members to network with professionals in the PR field and get tips from knowledgeable sources. Also, the Chapter Development team created the first digital newsletter for Ferris State PRSSA, in which they wrote the articles. They are currently organizing the first PRSSA yearbook, which they will design, to be handed out at the last meeting of the year. Lastly, Chapter Development has been reaching out to potential speakers and preparing to submit blogs to the PRSSA National Blog, Progressions.

Ferris PRSSA Newsletter: http://www.ferrisprssa.com/#!newsletter/dps62
Ferris PRSSA Blog: http://www.ferrisprssa.com/#!blog/cegh

The Professional Development team worked diligently on rebuilding the alumni contact list to ensure that PRSSA members are able to network and connect with alumni to help them grow as professional Public Relations professionals. In addition to building the alumni contact list, the Professional Development team planned a successful alumni informational panel in the fall semester. The alumni informational panel offered members the opportunity to ask any questions regarding interview tips, personal branding, internships, and jobs after college, or anything else on their mind about the field of public relations. It is important to show PRSSA members what they can accomplish as well as the broad range of jobs that they can obtain with a degree in Public Relations from Ferris State University, being that the program is the only one in the nation offered out of the College of Business. To demonstrate the wide range of opportunities, the Professional Development team worked hard at bringing Dominic Henning, one of our alumni, to campus to speak to the College of Business about his public relations degree and how that combined with business degree has landed him a job as a sport commentator for the Flint Firebirds.
Client Relations works towards collaborating with surrounding chapters of PRSSA student-run PR firms and hosting networking events to strengthen the relationship of surrounding Universities and Colleges. Rapid PR is working towards maintaining a positive and beneficial relationship with fellow PR firms, Ferris Student Organizations, as well as local businesses within Big Rapids, in order to continue to grow and develop as a student-run firm.
Rapid PR has been working with various student organizations on campus and businesses around Big Rapids. By working with the Hospitality Management Program Gala, PRSSA is collaborating with massive fundraising efforts to other programs within Ferris. By promoting for the Bulldog Sustainability Alliance, PRSSA is promoting environmentally conscientious actions on campus and to the local community. By working with ArtWorks of Big Rapids, PRSSA is helping local businesses in Big Rapids grow and gain business while connecting to the student body. By working with the Ferris State University Festival of the Arts, Client Relations is working to share the appreciation and collaboration with art and culture of Big Rapids and locals within the county.

KP is a senior majoring in Public Relations. KP was previously the VP of Chapter Development for PRSSA and currently serves as Director of Philanthropy for Student Government Association and Public Relations Manager for the Hospitality Gala 2016. Zeta Tau Alpha is another RSO that KP is a part of, in the past holding various positions such as Membership & Recruitment, as well as Coordinator of Programming Committees. KP is also very actively involved in putting on The BIG Event, where she served as Co- Director & Public Relations Coordinator. In her time here at Ferris KP has worked various on-campus jobs such as News Services Marketing & Communications Assistant, Public Relations Professional Trainee in the Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services, an Office Assistant in the Athletic Department, and as a Sports reporter for the Torch.

Alexiss Ferrell
Chelsea Fraley
Corey Saladin
Jake Janeschek
Shawnee-Ann Brelsford
Katie Nimtz
Samantha Wingerter
Jessa Passerman
Monica VandenBerg
Beau Jensen
Carlie Bishop
Noura Ashri
Savannah McCalpin
Brianna Slager
Ahlaam Naulezamane
Caroline Cousineau
Evan Miller
Josh Olszewski
Social Affairs
Chapter Development
Client Relations
Bulldog Bonanza
Angels of Action Angel Ride
Crop Walk
College of Business Fest
Homecoming Festivities
Homecoming Candidate Sponsor
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
PRSSA at Bulldog Bonanza
PRSSA Regional Conference
Our organization is comprised of 52 members, most of whom hold positions within the organization and serve on a committee.
Mari Ann Loucks
Katie is a junior in the Public Relations program, she transferred from Southwestern Michigan College in 2015. Currently she is the Public Relations Student Society of America Representative for Ferris State Student Government. She is in the Honors Program, a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and Phi Theta Kappa National Honors Society. Nimtz is the Student Co-Chair on the executive board of the Career Center Advisory Council. She works in the Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services as an Employer Representative. Nimtz is also a member of Advertising Committee in Student Government and PR committee for The Big Event. Katie Nimtz is a junior in the Public Relations program, she transferred from Southwestern Michigan College in 2015. Currently she is the Public Relations Student Society of America Representative for Ferris State Student Government. She is in the Honors Program, a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and Phi Theta Kappa National Honors Society. Nimtz is the Student Co-Chair on the executive board of the Career Center Advisory Council. She works in the Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services as an Employer Representative. Nimtz is also a member of Advertising Committee in Student Government and PR committee for The Big Event.
Katie Nimtz
Jamie is a junior in the Public Relations program here at Ferris State University. Aside from being on the Social Affairs Committee within PRSSA, Jamie has been a member of Alpha Xi Delta since the fall of 2013. Jamie has served on many councils and has helped raise thousands of dollars for Autism Speaks over the past 3 years. Jamie is also the Vice President of Recruitment for Panhellenic Council and is currently in the process of planning a three day campus wide event for the fall of 2016. This semester, Jamie was initiated into Order of Omega. Order of Omega is a honors society for Greek members that recognizes juniors and seniors who have exemplified high standards in the areas of scholarship, leadership, and involvement within their respective Greek affiliation and the community.
Mari Ann Loucks
Position: VP of Chapter Development
Megan Heck
Position: VP of Administration & Finance
Natalie Bycraft
Morgan Payne
Rayanne Broadway
Scout Sparks
Position: VP of Social Affair
Ty Carson
Marty Scarbrough
Amanda Roehl
Lina Lintemuth
Drew Myers
Jamie Baranek
Kelsey George
Brittany Bezrutczyk
Alyssa Suszek
Jessica Brown
Dan Leusink
Tony Whitney

Vagina Monologues
Turn Up the Good
The Big Event
PRSSA collaborated with the CLACS Office to bring back the Suit Up Challenge for the fall 2015 Career Week.
PRSSA took professional headshots for students for career week.
PRSSA National Conference in Atlanta
PRSSA Senior Sendoff
Detroit Agency Tour
Our members are required to complete a minimum of 3 hours of community service per semester.
48 blankets were handmade and 50 winter accessory items were donated to help local children through Angels of Action
$800 raised for Angels of Action
$1,120 raised for Relay for Life
We speak the truth with compassion. We embrace diversity in all forms. We are excellent, doing the little things that make a big difference. We are innovative, creative, fresh and original. We are upbeat, inspired, energetic and engaged. In all we do, we strive to be our best self.
We are Ferris State PRSSA!
Josh is currently pursuing a degree in public relations with a minor in graphic design. Before switching his major to PR this semester, he was highly involved in the Music Industry Management program. He served as Vice President and President of the Music Industry Management Association and coordinated the Music On the Muskegon music festival in October. On campus, he works at the Center for Leadership, Activities, and Career Services where he has the amazing opportunity of aiding students in starting new RSO's. In his Sophomore year, he was on the Homecoming Committee as the comedy show coordinator.
Mari Ann is a senior in the Public Relations program at Ferris State University. She is currently the Vice President of Chapter Development for the Public Relations Student Society of America, and is also the Public Relations Manager for the Ferris State Love Your Melon Campus Crew. She loves being involved in the campus community, and being a member of PRSSA allows her to do that.
The Campus and Community Outreach group focuses on working with other organizations on campus and getting involved with the community. We provide all of the volunteer opportunities for our chapter and a main focus this year was applying for five-star status. This year we decided to work with a local non-profit, Angels of Action. They provide lunches and necessities for children of Mecosta County. We held multiple fundraisers for them and split our fundraising profits with them. We require six hours of community service/volunteering of our members each year. We have collaborated with many different RSO’s on campus, and brought amazing events and speakers to campus. We organized and put on an event with internationally recognized author and life coach Renee Trudeau, and held an alumni event about using your degree to work in sports with Dominic Hennig. We also organized our Relay for Life team, where this year we raised $1,120. We have a team for The Big Event as well; to make sure PRSSA and its members are a part of a wide variety of things on campus.
Campus & Community Outreach
Ferris State PRSSA is broken into five subgroups, all of which are equally important to the chapter's overall success. Each subgroup reflects components of the public relations industry such as nonprofit PR, event planning, digital marketing, content development or working for an agency. Each subgroup is lead by an executive board member and are structured to help members grow as a student, professional and individual.
About our Chapter
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