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Students as Producers / Northwestern

No description

Derek Bruff

on 22 August 2017

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Transcript of Students as Producers / Northwestern

Derek Bruff / derekbruff.org / @derekbruff
Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching

Derek Bruff, Mathematics: http://is.gd/hNIko8
My Story
Authentic Audiences
"Center of Attention," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
"Pink Pedal Power," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
"Choices," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
Open-Ended Problems
A Degree of Autonomy
Bass & Elmendorf (2010)
Ryan & Deci (2000)
Ambrose et al. (2010)
Holly Tucker, French: http://is.gd/iy77Bg
Online Exhibits
Steve Baskauf, Biology: http://is.gd/kcmYhJ
Original Research
Brian Griffith, Human & Org. Dev.: http://is.gd/UBYDru
Campus Solutions
“There are always a fair number of failures.”
"I was there–not as an intractable 'expert' but instead as a guide. My job was to guide them toward appropriate resources and to ask the right questions at the right time–as well as help shape tasks and assignments to help them move their projects forward."
- Holly Tucker
"We also took a risk by taking on a project we had virtually no clue how to solve. But along the way, the outcome became pretty powerful." - Allanah Jackson
Course Blogs
Humberto Garcia,
Social Pedagogies
"Design approaches for teaching and learning that engage students with what we might call an 'authentic audience' (other than the teacher), where the representation of knowledge for an audience is absolutely central to the construction of knowledge in a course."

Randy Bass & Heidi Elmendorf, http://is.gd/08EYYH
Service Learning
John Ayers, Earth & Env. Sciences:
Creative Projects
Helen Shin, English: http://bit.ly/1q8bKBh
Pair up and discuss a time or two you observed students (perhaps yourself) act as producers of knowledge.

What aspects of that experience helped motivate and engage the students?

Inquiry-Based Labs
Erika Grundstrom, Astronomy
Discipline Authenticity
More Authentic
Less Authentic
Service Learning
John Ayers, Earth & Env. Sciences:
Digital Stories
Barb Stengel, Education: http://is.gd/XmCvpX
Inquiry-Based Labs
Erika Grundstrom, Astronomy
Holly Tucker, French: http://is.gd/iy77Bg
Online Exhibits
Twitter Fiction
Vivian Finch, Vanderbilt U.: http://is.gd/rOsD4F
Twitter Fiction
Vivian Finch, Vanderbilt U.: http://is.gd/rOsD4F
What role has audience played in your teaching in the past?

What makes it challenging to connect students with authentic audiences?
Wikipedia Edits
Tim Foster's story:
Student Podcasts
Digital Timelines
More info: http://bit.ly/2q1TUk4
Student Podcasts
What ideas do you have for engaging your students as producers?
In-Class Blogging
Debate Maps
Derek's Story: http://derekbruff.org/?p=3143
Crowdsourced Rubrics
Derek's story: http://derekbruff.org/?p=2081
What skills do your students need to practice?
How can you have them do so during class--in a way that involves all students and makes their learning visible?
With your "Students as Producers" idea in mind, what is one skill students would need to develop? What is one idea you have for using class time to develop it?
Getting from A to Z
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