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No description

jennifer wagner

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of Fantasy

Jennifer Wagner
The Graveyard Book
: The Graveyard Book has a very distinct style. The language is appropriate to the story and makes the world even more believable.

: The setting is described in way that allows the reader to create a mental image and follow along with the characters.
Rapunzel's Revenge
Rapunzel's Revenge
reflects a common theme that is present in many fantasies. Good overcoming evil is clearly demonstrated in this novel.

: The author and illustrator paint a very clear picture of the kingdom and the magical life that the characters lead.
Comics Squad
: The plot is very logical, believable, and creative for young readers. The short stories begin with the regular life of a child or animal and begin to change to fantasy.

: This graphic novel uses language that is easy for young readers to identify with.
Gregor the Overlander
: The plot of
Gregor the Overlander
begins in reality and is gradually taken to the underworld. It is logical and believable.

: The author explains the setting in a very descriptive way so that we are able to visualize the underworld.
Skulduggery Pleasant
: The main characters are easy to identify with because of their interesting personalities and sincerity.

: The theme of overcoming evil is clearly present in this story. The characters make sacrifices to overcome the evil and save others from danger.
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