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2017 An Oxford Kindergartner

No description

Kristy Marshall

on 31 May 2017

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Transcript of 2017 An Oxford Kindergartner

Start Time
Child Care
What We Do:
Learn about Literacy:
Letter Naming
Letter Sounds
Sound stretching
Word Wall
Print & book handling concepts
Shared & Guided reading
Independent reading
Word reading and writing fluency
Linking reading to writing
Learn about Numbers:
Number Sense
Sorting & Patterns
Basic Operations
School Start & End Times
Principal Tweets
6:00a to the start of the school day

End of the day until 6:00p
For more information contact
Early Childcare at 248.969.5035
An Oxford Kindergartner
The School Life of
Oxford Graduation Class of 2029
Our Daily Schedule:
8:42 a.m. - 3:42 p.m.
Extended Day Program
5 days per week
Busing provided
Follows school schedule
In Print:
Classroom Newsletters

Building Newsletters

Wildcat Review

District Website
Specials Classes:
World Language
Bus Information
Check your mail in August for a postcard with essential information about your child's bus route
Staff & students will greet kindergartners at the bus and walk them to class (& back to bus at the end of the day)
School Lunch Program
Students may purchase lunch or bring a lunch from home
Make lunch deposits at www.sendmoneytoschool.com
Free & Reduced lunches are available. Applications will be available after August 20th
Snack, milk and juice options are available
Ready for School?
Consider your child's readiness
social skills, reading & math readiness, and self-management skills

Ask the preschool / Head Start teacher & trust their feedback

Provide your child with readiness experiences:
Use magnet letters (worksheet in folder)
Practice writing letters
Practice sorting items (color, size, shape, etc)
Practice counting
We inquire...
What do you think the children are doing?
So... is this
child reading?
You cannot create what you cannot imagine.
Lucille Clifton
Practicing, imagining & developing
builds future skills...
Memorable but not memorizable
Repeated Language
High picture support
Pleasure to read over & over

Sulzby's Emergent Book Characteristics
Nuts & Bolts of School
Ideal for Students not quite ready for kindergarten

Birthday between May - September
Digital Notebook

Who Will Teach My Child?
Assessment MUST be complete in order for students to be placed in a classroom.
Students not assessed the summer, will be assessed on the first day of school and classroom placement will be determined within one hour after the assessment.
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