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Ergonomics, Active Desking, and Working Online: A Pathway to Improved Health and Productivity

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Jamie Murphy

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of Ergonomics, Active Desking, and Working Online: A Pathway to Improved Health and Productivity

All-cause and CVD mortality (strong)
Time Spent Sitting...
Ergonomics, Active-Desking, and Working Online:
A Pathway to Improved Health and Productivity

Understand the hazards of
Sitting all day
Poor ergonomics
How to set up an ergonomic workspace
Alternatives to sitting all day
Learn about stretching and strengthening
Move While You Work
Treadmill desking
Bicycle desking
Pedal under your desk
Pedal To Work
Bike to Work
My Office
Sitting Desk
Treadly Desk
and the desire to sleep under your desk
You can reduce fatigue
The First Step:

Set up an Ergonomic Workstation

when you sit

Thank You!
By Jamie Murphy, PhD, RN
A chair is not just a chair...
A comfortable cushion
Adjustable arm rests
Adjustable seat height
Adjustable back rest height
Lumbar Support
Ability to swivel and roll around
Standing Desk
Position the letter
directly in front of you
Keep the mouse close to the keyboard
Tip: Locate the keyboard by finding F and J bumps

Treadly desk
Let's start with

Treadmill Desking

water bottles
roller for achy muscles
stretching mat
stops by itself when I step off
use your own bike, or buy one: just add a desk
Equally important:




Aeromats are so
1-2 lb. is sufficient
Stretch at Your Desk
ideally every
30-60 minutes
Take care of your eyes
check out the heels
cushion is great, but barefoot?
8 am
1 pm
6 pm
5 minute break every 30-60 minutes

Active Desking or Standing,



and having an Ergonomic Workstation

hand weights
Sit for a while
Stand for a while
Cost: $360
Treadmill and desk $2000
plus $500 to assemle and bring
to room of choice
Stand up desk has a built in SteadyType keyboard tray
Reduces stress on wrists while walking: it's
Readout on computer to track progress
Uploads daily info to LifeSpan website
maximum 6 hours/day for my model
trainer for bike: $60
Prices range from $200-$1000+: crank and electric
built my own shelves
By making some minor changes, like
Maintain your Posture
(Proper, Singh, van Mechelen, & Chinapaw, 2011)
Diabetes (moderate)
Increased fatigue
Lower back discomfort
Reduced concentration and focus

(Thorp, Kingwell, Owen, & Dunstan, 2014)
Increased risk of Depression
(Teychenne, Ball, & Salmon, 2010)
(Teychenne, Costigan, & Parker, 2015)
Increased Anxiety
More Research
Epidemiological study (N = 222,497)
All-cause mortality (independent of physical activity)
7% of premature deaths

(van der Ploeg, Chey, Korda, Banks, &
Bauman, 2012).
Development of obesity and cancer
Seated Elliptical
Definition: Activities done sitting or reclining
Sedentary Behavior
Adults spend half to two thirds of the workday sitting
Resulting in Chronic disease and the Obesity epidemic

150 minutes of moderate intensity activity per week (CDC, 2015)
Healthier: Break Reminder
Time Out Free
Adjustable Armrests
are helpful
Key: Adjustability
Notice the poor ergonomics?
Set a timer with an App:
"Sitting is
the new

We've all heard it:
Research Shows:
cost: $375
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