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Video at Baylor

No description

David Burns

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Video at Baylor

Video at Baylor
"I'd like to record a video and have
my students view it online."
Typical use cases
Our current state
Looking ahead
: Mobile device, built-in webcam, external webcam, consumer or pro camera? Single camera or multiple cameras?
: built-in mic, external mic, live audio, voiceover?
: best available, indoor or outdoor, lighting system?
: talking head, presentation file, both, images, video/audio clips? Script or ad-lib?
: trimming and clipping, incorporating multiple video sources, slides, images, titles, music, other audio sources? Software?
: framing, shot selection, focus, direction (self or other)?
Where will it live? Is it public or private? How do I control student access?
What video format? File size? Compression vs quality? Stream or download?
Is there a master copy? Where do I keep it?
Will I want to reuse the video? Can I reuse just part of the video?
How can I share the video and with whom?
Will students watch it on a computer, a mobile device, or something else?
Can I add captioning to the video so students who need to can read what I'm saying?
How do I know which students watched for how long?
Can my students and I interact about the video via comments?
Can I test for understanding with polls and quizzes?
Do I have permission from other copyright-holders to use the selected assets?
"I want to assign a video project to my students."
recording, editing, storing,
streaming, and analyzing

Questions to think about
Questions to think about
Equipment, software training, process, production values, assignment submission, assessment, copyright and fair use
Current state of video at BU
Ad-hoc combination of third-party and home-grown solutions that attempt to address video needs, mostly related to storage and streaming.
Baylor Media, Athletics, Business, Student Productions, Symphony, Theater, Library, Texas Collection
Baylor Lariat
Searching for "baylor"?
Baylor CMS
School of Nursing, Chapel, others
Comm Space
Student speeches in Communication Studies course; stored but not streamed by Xythos (same software as BearSpace).

Video conference
Collaborate session
Echo360 lecture
Cisco Telepresence Content System
Collaborate cloud
Local streaming server
Also used by intructors to embed a video player in Blackboard or Edublogs using a personal YouTube or Vimeo account.
Video in Blackboard
YouTube or Vimeo embed
Echo360 (link to file outside of Blackboard)
File upload (only small videos work, no built-in optimized streaming)
Video Anywhere uses personal YouTube account to capture "talking head" videos from within Blackboard.
Looking ahead
A more strategic and unified approach.
Baylor on iTunes U
Used by Chapel, Baylor Business Review, Film and Digital Media, Athletics, Black Gospel Music Restoration Project; stored and streamed from Apple.
Where are we now?
Where should we go?
Where are the gaps?
Equipment checkout in Education LRC/Media Center and Library

In-house production by graduate students in ATL and Graduate School.
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