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CL4 - Eating & Drinking

No description

Miguel Angel

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of CL4 - Eating & Drinking

Eating & Drinking
1. after adjectives
it's really hard to find good friends.
it was difficult to live apart from my family.

She was surprised to see me again.
We're so happy to be here.
After a cup of coffee, I'm ready to start work.
2. After some verbs
When Laura was a child, she wanted to
become a singer, now she wants to be a
3. To express purpose of an action
We are here to study and practice English.

She went to the mall to buy some clothes.

Tomorrow I'll get up early to go to the
Let's practice...
Miguel Angel Esquivel CL-4
In English we have different forms for a verb.

Let's have the verb 'eat' as our example.

base form:
past simple form:

infinitive form:
to eat
past participle form:

gerund form:

In this opportunity we will focus on the infinitive form of a verb.
Basically, we make use of the infinitive form in three cases.

My dad taught me to swim.

We were walking when it started
to rain.
use your own ideas:

it's important ...

in the past it was hard ...
it's always nice ...

it's very difficult ...
it's not advisable ...

it's dangerous ...
it's never late ...

it's ridiculous ...

I hope ...

Sometimes I forget ...

I really hate ...

This year I've decided ...

I always try ... but

I don't want ...
Mary goes to the gym ...

yesterday I called my friend ...

This Saturday I'll go to the mall ...

I'm saving money ...

It's a good idea ...

We use our mobile phones ...

Remember if you want to change the tense ( present, past, future, present perfect, etc ) only the verb to be changes.

hard to study and work at the same time.
hard to pass that course, but I finally did.

hard to live alone in other country, I miss my family.

hard to follow a diet but I'll do it.
other verbs followed by infinitive are:

agree to
is the opposite of
refuse to :
She agreed to travel with us.
decide to
is synonym of
choose to :
Kelly chose to stay at home today.
deserve to :
I think Christian Bale deserves to win the Oscar this year.
expect to :
She says she didn't expect to have so many guests.
fail to :
Unfortunately Pete failed to get his driver's license.
forget to
is the opposite of

remember to :
Don' forget to take your pills
hope to :
I really hope to save enough money to get a new car.
learn to :
I'm learning to drive, my friend is teaching me.
like to, love to
are the opposite of
hate to :
I hate to be stuck in traffic.
manage to :
it was hard but John managed to get the tickets for the
concert !!
mean to ( not your intention ) :
Sorry, I didn't mean to lie to you
need to :
We are spending too much money, we need to save.
offer to :
They offered to help me with the project.
prefer to :
Richard prefers to eat seafood to chicken.
promise to :
he promised to keep the secret, but he told everyone.
refuse to :
She refused to change her hairstyle, it's OK for her.
seem to :
let's watch that movie - it seems to be interesting!
turn out :
I went to the bank, but it turned out to be closed!
want to :
Susan doesn't want to go out with us this weekend.
would like to :
I'd like to travel all over Europe.
However, there are some verbs that are
followed by gerunds

she always
s going to the dentist, I think she's afraid.
a place
travelling / that exhibition

we are
ing selling our house.
walking on a hot summer's day.
( = I don't like )
we want to travel because we really
meeting people and
seeing new places.
feel like
going to the movies today
( = I have a strong desire )
Have you
ed reading the newspaper?
I think you should
give up
( = stop smoking )
Can you
walking on the moon? it would be great!
If you fail your exam, don't worry,
keep on
You can be a little late, I
don't mind
waiting. ( it's OK for me )
talking on the phone with her.
ed going to that restaurant, the food is tasty.
ped eating junk food.
can't stand
working in a small hot office.
We've got an exam this Friday, I
studying all together.
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