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AP Language Test Pre-test wrap-up

Review this the night before the AP Language and Composition Test. This if for my students, so this probably won't apply to your kids.

Siggy Abuel

on 19 March 2012

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Transcript of AP Language Test Pre-test wrap-up

Before you test yourself... Argument Style Cluster effects or actions
Always provide direct quotations
Answer the prompt
If you do not remember the device name, just describe what is being done Most questions are really about reading comprehension
Some questions do not require a complete reading of the passage
Leave nothing blank Satire is the wildcard it can reverse the message through mockery it can make devices reverse effects it can make praise into blame it's primary tool is irony and parody Always ask yourself if the passage is being satirical The First Hour Skim the test. See how many passages there are and plan your time accordingly. Feel free to skip around, just make sure you dont accidentally mark the wrong questions on the scantron. And remember... During your break Go Potty Eat Something Drink Water ...get back ASAP and get comfrotable Check Supplies The Next Two Hours and 15 Minutes PEN not Pencil Read all the sources during the reading time and plan your synthesis essay. Write all over the prompt booklet, but keep it organized and easy to read. A messy plan leads to messy essays. Do the synthesis first. Synthesis Types:
Rhetorical Mode Identification
Primary Claim/Message
Device/Syntax Identification
Effect/Meaning The more sources you include effectively, the better. Label your sources!!!! (Source C) or (Abuel) or "Source C states..." Bring in outside evidence and examples As you read the sources, use "+" and "-" and identify the relevant topos. PLAN! WHY? WHY? WHY? After you provide your position (unless it is a non-standard prompt)... Make sure to refute or rebut the opposition. Evidence and Examples!!! Have an intro and conclusion even if the conclusion is just a repeat of the thesis.
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