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Advanced Resume Writing

Revise from basic to professional style

Ron Orick

on 26 November 2018

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Transcript of Advanced Resume Writing

Advanced Resume Writing
Have You Updated Your Resume in the Past Year?
Are you still using a template that looks like this one?
It is Time to Update Your Style
Use a modern template!
Should I Use an Objective?
Use it only when it provides useful information
Education Section
Update the following:
Graduation date
Experience Section
Basic Resume
Your basic resume is a summary of your education and experience

Your professional resume exhibits your accomplishments and skills
Writing a Senior Level Professional Resume

Seeking a part-time position or internship

Seeking an entry-level position

Seeking an entry-level position utilizing training and skills in strategic planning, investing and financial analysis

Upcoming college graduate with a combination of financial, sales/marketing and organizational skills seeking an opportunity that provides for professional growth and advancement
Part-time/Internship Positions/Generic Style
Applying for Full-time Professional Positions
Focus on what need you can fill for the organization, not just what skills you have to offer

It is not about you, but how your skills fit the organizational needs
Summary of Qualifications or Profile
Experience in developing marketing strategies and creative content production

Created and developed unique advertising campaigns

Expertise in creation of marketing materials

Strong work ethic and professional attitude emphasizing reliability, integrity, teamwork and the willingness to work as necessary to get the job done

Consider a
Combination - Professional Profile and Objective
Recent college graduate that is extremely service-oriented, with a unique combination of marketing and analytical abilities seeking an opportunity that provides for professional growth and advancement.

Key Skills:
Social Media Marketing
Event Planning
Client Relationships
Public Relations
Sales Promotion
Is Relevant Coursework "Relevant"?
Basic Resume
Professional Resume
Bus Admin/BSOL
Generally not
Bus Admin/BSOL
Generally not
Professional Resume
Work Experience
Marketing Experience

Accounting Experience

Professional Experience

Other Experience
Use headings that emphasize your Skills and Experience
Move From a Task Oriented Resume to a Skills/Accomplishments Based Resume
Basic Resume
Professional Resume Description
Made sales calls

Provide customer service

Sold merchandise
Reached sales goals in 3 consecutive months

Provided marketing of store products by redesigning displays that enhanced the store's appearance

Increased sales revenue by 100% in a 6 month period

Quantify Your Responsibilities
Basic Resume
Professional Resume
Trained new employees

Managed accounts receivable

Prepared training materials and instructed workshops on stress management for 500 company employees

Managed over 1,000 accounts receivable accounts working directly with the Chief Financial Officer

Analyze Ads and Job Descriptions to Identify Key Words
Job Advertisement
Key Words
Accounts Receivable Manager
Seeking experience A/R Manager to oversee accounts, manage billing and collections, training new employees, develop status reports for management and prepare monthly balance sheets. BS with minimum of 2 years experience required.
Manage A/R accounts, billing and collections

Supervision of staff

Training new employees

Preparation of balance sheets and status reports

2 years of experience required

Prioritize the Content of Your Resume
Answer phones
Enter data
Assist marketing department with development of customer service presentations and proposals
Assist marketing department with development of customer service presentations and proposals

Perform general office functions; filing, answer phones, and data entry

Include Accomplishments
Basic Resume
Professional Resume
Member, PBL

Excellent Communication Skills

Sold merchandise

1st place, Phi Beta Lambda State Competition, 20xx

Learned a second language, Spanish

Increased sales in department by 200%

Financed degree through part-time work and scholarships

20xx Student of the Year, School of Education

Skills Section
Basic Resume
Professional Resume
Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Bi-lingual; Spanish and English

Proficient in web design


Basic Resume
Professional Resume
Generally not necessary
Get them ready

Use professional references

Reference Sheet Example
Use a Professional Design
Unrelated job titles or skills may indicate you are not qualified
Employers do not read entire employment descriptions
View it as a "print preview"
The design must highlight the most important skills, experience, and education
CSPD Google Drive - Resume Templates Folder
Descriptive title
Be descriptive not generic
Concise but descriptive
Hint: Match header with resume
You could include accomplishments in Experience section
Use your StrengthsQuest Themes and Work Profile to help identify your employment skills
Education majors
Allows you to include several skills and change them easily to match different job descriptions
Your Key Skills should match the skills employers are seeking
You can use your StrengthsQuest Themes to identify Key Skills
This style works well with your StrengthsQuest Themes/Work Profile
Generic Job Duties
Descriptive and measurable accomplishments

Core Competencies
QR Code
Two Column Example
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