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DHH15: Multimodality

No description

Salla Laaksonen

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of DHH15: Multimodality



Nation branding

Media as a prominent environment
Research question
What modes of communication are used to represent Finland
in Finnair’s in-flight magazines?

Media content is not
exclusively linguistic

Newspapers and magazines combine images, infographics and
typography in a layout
to communicate with the reader

Preliminary results
Future directions


We adopted a multimodal approach to study how Finland and Finnishness are represented using multiple modes of communication in Blue Wings, the in-flight magazine of Finnair.

We propose these articles convey an image of Finland to both business travellers and tourists.

Python coding and Machine Learning (OpenCV)

Topic modeling LDA (RStudio)

Data visualization
(RAW, Google Graphs)
Studying multimodality in
all in­flight magazines of European airlines
to investigate the ways
nationality and nation branding
interact in these magazines

Layout in Blue Wings,
the in-flight magazine of Finnair

Over 1300 double-pages

Extracting text from the originals
Python script searching words

Core data of 314 pages that contain articles about Finland
Finnish sports
Cultural events
Contributing to practice-­based fields
such as graphic design: tracing the
development of design conventions
whose understanding is an
important aspect of multimodal literacy.

Understanding the way photos can be studied
with computer vision

Studying even moving picture
in relation to text in music videos

Other areas of application
Future Directions
Text vs. images within issues
A Python script transformed the original
double-pages into black-and-white images
Studying images automatically makes things
much more complicated;
almost no ready-made tools available

What is easy to observe for a human is very difficult for machines

Advanced coding skills required:
true multidisciplinarity takes time

Easy to keep on one’s own area of expertise:
takes effort and initiative to truly learn new things

Dragana Cvetanovic, Tuomo Hiippala, Arja Karhumaa, Pasi Kojola,
Salla-Maaria Laaksonen, Taina Laaksonen & Aaro Salosensaari
1. Life and family
2. Finland & Finnair info
3. Nature
4. Business
5. Cultural events
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