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Scott Goodman

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

Scott Goodman
By Scott Goodman Located in the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean
Two main islands, Trinidad and Tobago
Capital is Port-of-Spain, which is on the north side of the Trinidad island
Population is 1,346,350 people Trinidad and Tobago Can be found in some restaurants
Generally served, however, at street vendors or "roti shops" which are shops specializing in wrap rotis throughout the West Indies
Can be eaten sitting down with utensils, or as a sandwich on the go Wrap Rotis Sort of a mix between a convenience store and a fast-food place as we know them
You can buy other snacks and drinks there, as well as Caribbean souvenirs
Bathrooms to use to wash up as rotis are quite messy
Lively atmosphere with loud Caribbean music Roti Shops Tipping at Restaurants In general, Trinidadians do not tip at restaurants
Small tips are appreciated, however, even though the tip is not expected
Lots of restaurants include a 10% service charge on the bill, which is usually split equally between waiters
Tips on top of that are physically given to the waiter in cash, not added on to the bill ETIQUETTE TIPS
Cursing/foul language is taken much more seriously than here, so at restaurants or anywhere, you have to watch what you say
Business meals, in particular, are expected to be very conversation-based, and although you will be fed well, you could be there socializing for a few hours
When meeting locals for dinner, it's proper to dress more on the formal side and arrive 10-15 minutes late for the meal
When you are inside, you do not sit down right away, as there could be prior seating arrangements made MEAL HABITS AND MEAL CUSTOMS As is the case in North America, the meal begins with drinks in Trinidad and Tobago
Appetizers come before the entree, which is the same as North America as well
Food is eaten as it comes, but as Trinidadian meals are often longer and more conversation-based, there may be a longer wait between courses than in North America
If you are eating in someone's home, you do not ask for a second helping of food, although it is fine to accept if offered
At a restaurant, you do not call the waiter's name, you indicate that you need something or that you're finished by making eye contact Carnival is a big celebration, a street party, with lots of loud, traditional Caribbean music playing
Carnival is very tourist friendly
It is a great time to meet locals and try food
Corpus Christi is a feast celebrated by the Roman Catholics
Tobago Heritage Festival is a Tobago festival where different villages of the island get together, in costumes, and sing and dance, as well as having food samples, also tourist-friendly
Religious celebrations like Christmas, Diwali, Eid, etc. that happen in North America also happen Special Celebrations and Feasts Food History Indian and African food present in Trinidad and Tobago due to the Indian and African heritage
Examples include meats such as chicken in stews or with curry, or different items like couscous, which is similar to rice but even smaller individual pieces
Carib-Indian history specifically in Trinidad and Tobago leads to there being Caribbean food and Indian food
Lots of the food has always been cooked with or served with beans, chick peas, or lentils
Also some American food (meats such as chicken, comfort food) due to the close proximity to America Table Manners Custom is to eat with the fork in the left hand and the knife in the right
Hands have to be kept in sight, so you would rest your wrists on the edge of the table
Napkin is placed on the lap
Similarly to us, when you are finished eating, you place your fork and knife together on the plate
This indicates to the waiter or the host that you are done Common Food Dishes Corn soup is a very popular dish- especially during Carnival, when it is probably the most popular
Curried chicken is very popular- reflecting the country's Indian heritage
Split peas are used to prepare "dahl", which is sort of a lentil stew, with rice and vegetables- reflects Indian heritage and is also widely eaten through the Indian Subcontinent
Rotis are very popular, but so, too, is the roti bread by itself Other Interesting Information
Wrap rotis originated in southern Trinidad in the mid 1940s
Created by Sackina Karamath, who also opened the first roti shop, Hummingbird Roti Shop, in San Fernando, Trinidad
Rotis are something that can be grabbed as fast food, particularly when you buy from a street vendor
The roti shop atmosphere is somewhat different from a fast-food place with the loud music playing and liveliness
A similarity between roti shops and regular fast-food places is the counter service Rotis/ Shops in Canada Roti shops are also common in cities outside of the Caribbean with a large Caribbean population
Toronto and Montreal are two examples of Canadian cities with a high Caribbean population
Roti shops can be found in Toronto and all over the GTA
We have more than one roti shop in Oakville (Kori's Rotis on Speers and Ranee's Rotis on Kerr)
Roti shops in general are independently owned, there aren't big chains like McDonalds or Tim Hortons, and the idea is that each is somewhat unique Questions for the Class 1. Do Trinidadians tip at restaurants in general?

2. What is the custom for having a second helping when eating in someone's home?

3. What is the most popular food dish during the Carnival?

4. What do you do with utensils to indicate that you are done eating? Two Truths and a Lie It is sometimes appreciated to leave a small tip at a Trinidad and Tobago restaurant, which is given directly to the waiter in cash
The napkin is left on the table during the meal so that it can be accessed quickly
Rotis are quite messy, so roti shops generally have a sink or bathroom to wash up after eating Significance of Wrap Rotis Not a "fancy food" or something in high-class restaurants by any means
Famous for being a "fast" food, and that's why it isn't often found in restaurants
Serves a purpose as being something that people can grab quickly and eat when they are in a hurry, or on their way somewhere
Being a sandwich style food, people can eat it while on the move and do not generally have to sit down
The issue with that is that it is a messier food, so you have to be careful if you are eating it on the go Ingredients Roti is the type of bread that wraps the meat
Usually is chicken, but can be beef, or even goat
Sometimes has beans or curried potatoes
What you are eating is chicken and curried potatoes wrapped in roti bread
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