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Book Report EDUC 689

No description

Melissa Roane

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Book Report EDUC 689

Connecting It All
A Whole New Book Report
"We've moved from an economy built on people's
to people's
left brains
to what is emerging today:"
The reasons that are causing the shift to L-Directed thinking
Daniel Beirne Livia Macedo
Josh Lubben Melissa Roane

Sequential, linear
What is said
Big picture
How it is said (context)
Understands Metaphors
Both sides need to work together.

Agriculture Age
Six Senses for Success

A Whole New Mind is a "high concept, high touch" book that:
Explains the two sides of our brain
Describes our evolution into the Conceptual Age
Defines the 3 "game changers" in this Age
Defines the essential abilities needed for success and how to develop each
A Whole New Mind
by Daniel Pink

Game Changers
Consumers can now demand pleasant aesthetics along with high quality functionality.
We now produce in such quantities that business must look beyond the merely functional aspect of a product.
"Mastery of design, empathy, play, and other seemingly "soft" aptitudes is now the main way for individuals and firms to stand out in a crowded marketplace."
Thousands of L-Directed white collar jobs are being outsourced to India and other Asian countries due to the high number of professional degrees being awarded, and the very low cost of salaries in those countries.
Last century physical labor was replaced by machines, this century L-Directed attributes are being replaced by computer software.

Software programs have already made deep inroads in accounting, medical diagnostics, and even software programming itself.

Can anyone say "Turbo Tax"?
18th Century
Industrial Age
19th Century
Information Age
20th Century
Conceptual Age
21st Century
"... an economy and society built more and more on people's
right brain
Using our backs: farmers
This evolution is driven by affluence, technology and globalization.
+ Technology: production worker
+ Affluence: knowledge worker
(left brain)
+ Globalization: creators/empathizers
(right brain)
Left Brain vs. Right Brain
Whole-minded approach, a combination of utility and significance, or utility enhanced by significance.
Design adds pleasure, meaning and beauty.
For example, architecture enhances the utility of a house, helps it to become a home.

To see design in action, visit http://karimrashid.com/.
A compelling narrative enhances persuasion, communication, and self-understanding.
Story fine-tunes understanding by adding context.
Stories are easier to remember because in many ways stories are HOW we remember.

In an abundant society, we're moving past materialism to search for meaning.
Meaning can provide insight, improve quality of life.
Search for meaning is on-going throughout life.
The information age called for analysis, the conceptual age now calls for symphony.
Symphony is the skill of bringing the pieces together, seeing the big picture, and making. connections
Requires the ability to see across boundaries.
Empathy adds ability to connect with others to the L-Directed skill of logic.
Experience the world from other people's perspective.
Builds self-awareness, connects us to others, helps to foster collaboration.
Increasingly, or commonly, combining work and play is necessary.
"People rarely succeed at anything unless they are having fun doing it."
Seriousness is not enough, playfulness and joy have professional and personal benefits.
High Concept Aptitudes to Complement L-Directed Reasoning
Key Questions
Always keep the following three questions in mind, so you are not left behind!

1. Can someone overseas do it
2. Can a computer do it faster?
3. Am I offering something that
satisfies the non-material,
transcendent desires of an
abundant age?

What Computers Can't Do
• Replace “emotion” such as
• Create ideas or invent something
new without the human touch.
• Design without a designer.
• Replace the Six Senses.
• Interpret metaphors and read
between the lines.

Skills to Success
• “Expert thinking”- solving new
problems for which there are no
routine solutions.
• “Complex communication”—
persuading, explaining, and in
other ways conveying a
particular interpretation of
• People skills and emotional
• Imagination and creativity.

To begin developing your own storytelling, read about others: http://stories.umbc.edu/
Are You Ready to Think with a Whole New Mind?

Those who master high-concept and high-touch abilities will do extremely well.
Success requires fusion of right and left brain skills.
Those who move slowly or not at all, may miss out on great opportunities!

For examples of "big thinkers,"
check out http://www.whynot.net/
To further understand Empathy, begin by measuring your Empathy Quotient: http://glennrowe.net/BaronCohen/EmpathyQuotient/EmpathyQuotient.aspx
Laugh or play a game...
...even in the office!
Informal learning is full of tools, programs, and resources-using right-directed thinking.
You can develop big-picture synthesis, create connections and relationships that technology cannot.
You can develop both left-directed and right-directed aptitudes.
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