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Hunterdon County: A Safer Environment

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on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of Hunterdon County: A Safer Environment

Hunterdon County: A Safer Environment

Drug-Related Statistics in Hunterdon County
Good Samaritan Law
5.9% of the county are marijuana users.
293 people, or 29.1% of the community, were treated for heroin abuse in 2012.
Among these admitted for treatment, 36% of them were students alone, and 18% of them were 18-21 years old.
Forty overdoses were reported by law enforcement officers in 2015.
In 2015, there were 13 overdose deaths, and 12 of them were attributed to heroin.
Prescription Drop Off Boxes
Prescription drug abuse is the fastest-growing drug problem in the Nation. In order to control this growth, 9 Rx Drop Off Box locations were placed in Hunterdon County. Rx boxes are used to properly dispose of unused, unneeded, or
expired medications. This way, teens and adults are not able to access your old prescriptions and use them as drugs.
To encourage people to seek medical attention for an overdose, New Jersey has enacted a Good Samaritan or 911 drug immunity law. These laws generally provide immunity to someone who calls 911 seeking assistance for someone who is suffering from an opiate-related overdose. This has saved many lives because now when someone does overdose, the people around them are not scared to call for help, in fear that they may get in trouble themselves.
Helpful Websites

*For more information, visit:
Hunterdon Central Drug Testing
In 1998, HCRHS created a policy that gave the school permission to randomly drug test all students engaged in extracurricular activities and all student authorized to park on school premises. This policy was implemented to (1) promote health and safety; (2) deter drug use, thereby countering peer pressure which many encourage indulgence; (3) encourage students who use alcohol and drugs to participate in rehabilitative programs; and (4) encourage and invite voluntary testing.

By Isabella Almeida
What can WE do?
In order to make our county even safer, we should advertise this convenient way to get rid of prescription drugs through lectures, videos, posters, and media.
In order to make this law more well-known, the community could create posters or commercials describing an overdose and explaining the Good Samaritan Law.
In order to greater limit drug use in the school, we could apply and enforce this policy more by testing more students on a regular basis, and by having greater consequences for positive drug results.
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