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Community gardens in Europe

No description

Mariella Bussolati/Orto diffuso

on 20 September 2017

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Transcript of Community gardens in Europe

Community gardens
in Europe

Urban population is now more than half than Earth population. Metropolis are bigger than ever. But something is changing: people all over the world are searching for new solutions to city life.
In our countries more and more people are involved in DiY projects: bicycles, 3D making, culture, food. Many people feel the concret jungle as claustrophobic.
They are trying to go out from the old city model of service and commercial society, to discover the possibility to make different choiches and to be able to self determinate their lives.

Community gardens started 30 years ago in the Usa, as a protest against Councils which were abandoning poor neighborhoods. Now they are spreading all over europe.
A community garden is not only a place where to grow vegetables and flowers: you can also share your knoledge, attend a workshop, do a performance, improving the neighborhood and your life.

Forest farm peace garden
Dalston garden
Bank project
Calthorpe project
King's Henry garden
Potager 8mq
Rue Gray
Ernest Cambier
Albert street
Tour et Taxis
Prinzessine garten
Allmende Kontor
Rosa rosae
Ton Steine
Oeffne Garten
Jardins Ruisseau
Potager des oiseaux
Petite passages
Can Masdeu
Fort Pienc
Forat de la vergogna
Hort Be
El Xino
Giardino Lea Garofalo
Isola Pepe verde
Giardino degli Aromi
Orti Garbatella
Giardino curdo
Orto insorto
Ex Snia
In Italy, everybody seems interested in vegetable gardening. There are now 1,1 Mln of urban gardens in public areas, mainly in the north/center areas, but the most are for old people.
But 21 mln of italians do gardening. They do it at least for 5 hours per day, and they are people of every age and cathegory.
Beside the public domain vegetable gardens, there are a lot of private areas (mainly balcony) and out of statistics there are probably 18 millions of small vegetable areas in Italy.
Since in the cities there are vacant lands, more and more people are interested in community gardens, which let people to grow even if they do not have a private or rented space in a common ground open to everybody.
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