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Don't Make Me Think

No description

Krista Franklin

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Don't Make Me Think

Don't Make Me Think
Simple yet helpful
When creating a website, it is important to keep things simple and clear.

Users mostly scan so we want them to find what they are looking for quickly before they move on to a different website.
This concept made a lot of sense to me because it is something professors teach you when making slide-show presentations

It is more important to get your point across in little words than to have ALL the information thrown at you at once.
This book taught me how I could create an effective classroom website.

I will keep it brief with easy shortcuts to different important information for students and parents.
Thinking about how a user would navigate a website for first time is essential.

Drop down menus, shortcuts, hyperlinks, etc. need to be obvious and simple to work.
Shortcuts are great when used correctly. They can take you directly to what you are looking for.

Tabs allow users to jump straight to the category that fits their needs.
Phones with internet create another type of website need because of the small screens.

Successful websites/apps are very simple in appearance while still supplying the information
Pleasing Everyone
No website will please every person but it is imperative to follow these guidelines to meet a large portion of the population. I love a drop down menu but as the comic showed in the book, not everyone will like it.

As long as it is clear and information is easy to find, most people will find the website manageable.
Both stress the idea that when designing objects or websites, the structure needs to be user friendly with signifiers.

Websites need to make what is clickable obvious.

I, like many users, usually look for words in bold or underlined as signifiers that I can click on it and be taken to more information about the subject.
Brain Rules
Our brains are designed to scan.

We scan to find meaning more quickly than reading every word.

For Example
Design of Everyday Things
Where do I click??
Scanning is how I read almost every website.

I am looking for the specific information I need so I skip around through the junk until I find key words.

It is important when creating a website to remember that most people scan to read.
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