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MACC Alliance & MACC CommonWealth Year in Review and Look Ahead

This presentation provides an overview of MACC CommonWealth Year in Review, MACC Alliance Year in Review, Joining Forces in 2015: Merger Highlights, Joining Forces in 2015: Next Steps

MACC CommonWealth

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of MACC Alliance & MACC CommonWealth Year in Review and Look Ahead

MACC Alliance &
MACC CommonWealth

2014 Review & Looking Ahead
We want to take a moment to reflect and celebrate
the accomplishments of the past year and
kick off our collaborative work to advance the
power and potential of our merged organization!

An Overview of What You’ll See Here

MACC CommonWealth Year in Review
MACC Alliance Year in Review
Joining Forces in 2015: Merger Highlights
Joining Forces in 2015: Next Steps

MACC CommonWealth Year in Review
We added five new members including
Harrison Neighborhood Association
Neighborhood Development Center
Keystone Community Services
Second Harvest Heartland
Our mission:
MACC CommonWealth exists to support our member organizations and their success by providing high quality back office management services.
To support the missions of our member nonprofits by providing outstanding management and administrative services in a collaborative environment.
When coupled with our team’s knowledge of many of our members client data, our team’s expertise in program evaluation and effectiveness will prove to be a high value service to members.
Our service platform has grown over the years to respond to the needs of our members. This year we've added a new service to our slate of offerings- a Program Evaluation service.
MACC Alliance Year in Review
2015- Expanding our Affinity Teams
Expanding teams from 5 to 8
including new Economic Opportunities Team & Senior Services Team
Developing Affinity Team Leaders
to build out member engagement, meeting content & promote collaboration
Youth Evaluation Team
transitions to a broader Youth Services Team
as 6C’s becomes less relevant
Engagement of new members
with additional Affinity Teams being developed to be more inclusive of the 41 members of merged organization

2015- Building New Opportunities
Work to
secure funding
to build out training opportunities
Cargill Foundation renewal means
continuation of development of childhood training mode
l & accreditation for staff training
YPQA training sessions
via the U of M’s Youth Work Institute likely
Affinity Teams and member feedback will
identify common training/innovation needs
guest speakers
at Affinity Teams
Opportunities to tap potential
new trainers
within the expanded membership
2015- New Opportunities to Build Collaborations
Especially Focused on Economic Opportunities
Community Professional Training Institute
Transportation Initiatives
MACC Alliance public policy agenda
Social Enterprise Development
Seamless Connection Project
Joining Forces in 2015: Merger Highlights
Bringing together the best of MACC Alliance & the best of MACC CommonWealth
MACC Alliance Relationships & Social Capital

MACC CommonWealth Administrative Platform


New opportunities for collaboration &
greater impact in communities
Power and Potential of
Joining Forces
Opportunity to amplify your organization’s voice and operate at a scale that gives you real bargaining power

An administrative platform & the social capital that make collaboration possible
Access cost effective, collaborative solutions for developing your staff
This is networking with intentionality and with a commitment to organizational learning
Opportunity to tap into a network of like-organizations & access evaluation and data expertise
Access to quality and expertise beyond what you could access on your own.
Benefits Members Will Experience
What's Next: Investments
in Our Success
Investment of a full time VP focused on collaborations, innovation, & resource generation

Internal reorg focused on support for collaboration

Cost of administrative services held steady for '15
Coming in 2015: A New Strategic Plan
Identify strategies to maximize member value & outcomes

Differentiate ourselves, our identity, and how we will position ourselves in the community
We’ll be seeking your feedback on potential programming & needs/interests you may have.
Members will be asked to engage in our upcoming strategic plan process- so be on the look out for opportunities to get involved and have your voice heard!
We're Excited by the Power and Potential of our Work Together!
Joining Forces in 2015: What's Next
In 2014, we supported 35 members in various combinations of our Human Resources, Finance, Client Data, Information Technology, Behavioral Health Billing, and Facilities Management.

Combining our Work for a More
Powerful Impact & Powerful Voice
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