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TRACK 1: PLANNING The Journey of a First-time Trade Show Exhibitor

Tips and tools for first-time exhibitors. This track covers: 1) are trade shows right for you; 2) picking the right trade show; and 3) budgeting. Follow along in the manual at http://goo.gl/njLuYN.

angie deyoung

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of TRACK 1: PLANNING The Journey of a First-time Trade Show Exhibitor

The Journey of a First-time Trade Show Exhibitor
Are Trade Shows Right for My Business?
Picking the Right Trade Show
What do trade shows provide for me?
What is a trade show?
Am I ready for trade shows?
Start small.
Consider "walking the show."
Consider co-exhibiting.
Go big.
Consider international.
Trade Show Progression
Ask Those in the Know
Know Your Target Audience
Search Online
your buyer
show management
Major Exhibit Expenses
Budgeting Tips
Build in a 10% Budget Buffer
Always Ask for a Discount
Large, National Shows:
1,000+ exhibitors
25,000+ buyers

Small, Regional Shows:
>1,000 exhibitors
>5,000 buyers

Personal relationships
Cost-effective leads
Opportunity to gather competitive intelligence
make alliances
Chance to educate
about the industry
Forum to obtain customer feedback
Trade Shows
Trade Shows
Ready to sell wholesale!
Pricing Considerations
Distribution Considerations
Retailer Mark-up
Broker/Distributor Mark-up
Wholesale Price
Wholesale vs. Retail Pricing
Retail Price
What you charge for your products to be sold by the case
What brokers and distributors charge to market and deliver your product for you
What the retailer charges to sell your product to consumers
What the consumer pays for your product
Packaging Considerations
Budget Considerations
Product considerations
Can you produce your product:
In large quantities
How far do I have to go for a profit?
Can you afford to wait 3-6 months?
Saturate your local wholesale market.
Grow your market at a steady, manageable pace.
Increase sales at a lower cost.
Work out your distribution kinks.
Perfect your booth design.
Hone your boothmanship skills.
Try before you buy.
Share the risk and expenses.
Broker / distributor pavilion
Shared booth
You've made it through the progression. Go forth and prosper!
I like it!
Need help?
Interactive Workbook (Microsoft Excel):
*For a detailed budget, download the form:
Click here to download a blank Pricing Worksheet:

Download the manual at
You're done with Track 1: Planning!
If you're required to take the Quiz now, visit

If you're ready for Track 2: Pre-Show, then click here:
Track 1
Start-up Directions:
Click the "full screen" rectangle icon at the bottom right of the screen.
Click "allow" in order to use your "forward" and "back" arrows to navigate.
Turn up the volume in order to hear the audio portions of the training.
Click on the "right" arrow on your keyboard to advance to the next "slide" in the presentation.
If you need help getting ready, contact:
Small Business Development Center: http://sbdc.mt.gov
Food & Ag Development Center: http://agr.mt.gov/agr/Programs/Development/FADC
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