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Student Leadership Apprentice Program

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Transcript of Student Leadership Apprentice Program

Diversity is necessary
for the Global Marketplace
Consider the Gaps
Weaknesses Identified
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Creativity and Innovation
Filling the Gaps
Elements of Leadership Apprenticeship
Agriculture and Land-grant Mission
Marketing and Communications
Leadership Dimensions
Executive Leadership Team
Meet our Apprentices
Directing the
Future of our
The Executive Leadership Team (ELT)
The Student Leadership Apprentice Program
Create a Model Program
Increase Leadership Awareness
Promote Mentorship
Address Weakness
Apprentice's Professional Leadership Plan
Identify a Root Cause
Set a Professional Agenda
Define Core Values
Assess Leadership Skills
Clarify a Vision
Select a Platform
Map a Timeline for Change
Future Implications
Where do we go from here?
Apprentices' Obstacles
ELT Buy-in
Access to the Mentors
ELT's Leadership Philosophy
Apply the best practices
Establish a sense of urgency among the ELT
Support the Apprentice's Plan
How we Define Success
Apprentice's ability to articulate a leadership philosophy

Complete PPLP with action items

Obtain a position of influence within 5 years
Contact Us:
LaRachelle Smith,MBA
Director Communications
Danielle Hairston-Green,MA
Program Specialist
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