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No description

ruchita rathi

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of INPROL

The International Network to Promote the Rule of Law (INPROL) is a global, online community of practice for members (coming from interdisciplinary backgrounds) who work on rule of law reform issues in post-conflict and developing countries.
Identify key usability issues for INPROL's existing and potential users
Identify key touchpoints that are causing friction for user interaction with the system
Usability Assessment
Heuristics Evaluation

Plan to mitigate the recruitment plan for the users.
Scope your user experience research plan very well
Choose research methods based on user availability
Reach out to other channels for recruiting users
Find more success in locating and recruiting actual INPROL members to generate more usability assessment
Project Scope
Image by Tom Mooring
Research Methods
Usability Study for INPROL
Rationale behind the selected UX methods
We chose the usability assessment methods to identify the navigation pattern and user logic behind interacting with site's touchpoints
We interviewed existing INPROL members to uncover use case scenarios and underlying usage issues
We used heuristics evaluation to uncover site's usability issues
Suggest improvements to site's user experience
Perform usability audit for the site
Identify issues causing low interaction between existing members
Improve low signup numbers

Target/Potential Users
Rule of law practitioners (anthropologists, lawyers, US Marshals, etc.) who work in post-conflict areas to establish rule of law framework
Potential users who have experience working in international development

Top down site culture
Inconsistent user prompts and language
Lack of standards
Key Findings
Top down site culture
Top-down vision for their online community
"ideal candidate would ...
be international. ...we want to
people in the developing countries by doing a direct transfer of knowledge
Tedious and arcane registration process
“This painful exercise of registration, the need to be “approved” all seemed very top-down to me. After I applied, I did not receive a welcome email for almost two months!”
(Almost) paternalistic instructions that may disrupt natural user behavior
Antagonistic to the worldview of the intended user that seeks to serve post-conflict/developing countries
Inconsistent Prompts/Language
Search function is broken, but provides inaccurate feedback such that the user continues to self-correct
Exit website prompt that is both ominous and/or inaccurate
Mismatch between system and user language
Lack of standards
Tedious registration process
Instructions follow the prompt, rather than precede
Non-standard search query instructions

Abstract INPROL's mission in a way that mitigates the top-down culture of website
Social media single sign on for registration
Fixing the broken search functionality
Aiding users in searching and bookmarking the research articles
Facilitating more interaction between the members by reducing number of interceptions between the existing users

Key takeaways from interviews
Average task completion time
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