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The Quantum Disruption

No description

jevon mitchell

on 11 December 2017

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Transcript of The Quantum Disruption

The Quantum Disruption
Intro to Quantum Computing
How it Works
What Does it Do?
Process large amounts of data and information easily
Solve difficult problems classical computers couldn't

Each addition of a qubit gives you double the computing power. i.e. 50 qubit machine would be 2^50
The manipulation of these qubits through circuit gates allow for running algorithms

Future (Now)
What impacts will this have on us?
The race for quantum
What influences will this have on society?
Will require a number of changes to how we operate now
Gene Therapy
Machine Learning

Possible Solutions
We must ensure the technology is developed in the right hands
Properly equipped security model
Updated method of encryption
What is quantum?
Bit Vs. Qubit
Qubit= quantum bit
To achieve this quantum state these computers utilize four main components:
Noise Shields
Heat Exhaust
Implications (Energy)
Immediate Concerns
Our current method of security and encryption is outdated
This model is based on cryptography
Brute Force
Shor's algorithm

Implications (Machine Learning)
Implications (Privacy)
Power consumption goes toward keeping the processor cool
Qubits must start in their low-temperature ground states to run an algorithm.
Use far more power
Up to 15 kw of power with each use
Semiconductor Industry Associon -2040
Frightful Five and their big data
Data analyzing
Even more data will be collected by these machines
Further deep type of deep learning
Super powered hardware to process its complex software
Smart grid
Internet of Things
More robust AI to formulate better algorithms
Implications (Education)
Quantum has the ability to play a huge role:
Immersive Technologies
Psychological and Behavioral profiles
Machine Learning
Implications (Climate)
Improved weather forecasting
Build better climate models
Smart energy grid --> lossless energy transmission --> renewable energy sources more sustainable
Implications (Gene Therapy)
More computing power means faster research
Map proteins
Analyze entire genomes to create more effective therapies
Real time imaging systems
Ex: CT scan
How quickly can we scan through virtual experiments?
Security Implications
Privacy and Security
As IoT grows and grid systems modernize, increased susceptibility to cyber attack
Quantum Cybersecurity
Before attacks occur
Quantum Key Distribution
Quantum Networks

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