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start your yearly adventure in Poland

No description

EVS Lodz-Poland

on 10 March 2017

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Transcript of start your yearly adventure in Poland

EVS, eh? Sounds weird?

Well, the European Voluntary Service is a chance to discover a new culture and, even more importantly, discover yourself. A new place, new people, new tasks. No mommy.

Sounds interesting? Read more!
European - because U spend 11 months in a diverse European MIX of people. Diversity may be a strength or a weakness. It may inspire and motivate. Or just the opposite. For sure it may open your mind and eyes.

These 11 months with us also mean:

Everything may happen..........

Volunteer is a person who uses his/her potential for the local community and by it he/she is also growing and developing.

You won't be a work placement.
It is not yearly training or student internships.

Service - yes, there are tasks, duties, working hours.
There is a structure.
And responsibility.

Do you still remember what was written previously? Development, cooperation, new people, searching for yourself.

These all things interact!
European Voluntary Service - how to start your year-long adventure in Poland?
By being a volunteer you give something to others and thus get a lot for yourself.
Are you ready for such an exchange?

Volunteering is voluntary - it does not mean that you are doing what you want cooperating with us. This means that NOW you make a voluntary decision to cooperate with us.

We are not an organization. We are people creating an organization. Would you like to create it with us?

Because by such tasks as working in a team or alone, the implementation of tasks from us or your own ideas, you will have a chance to get to know yourself.

Work will be approximately 35 hours per week.
We offer two activities:
- 3 Pietra eduacational center
- Library, kindergarten and primary school activities

Would you like to know them better?

So now about us - 3 Pietra center is provided by foundations with huge EVS experience.

Our story is based on people.

We are a foundation that has been working for almost 11 years.
We are a place where people can realize their ideas and passions.
We carry out both large European projects and small local initiatives.

Want to see our websites?


Together we provide a big educational center,
3 Floors
Why? We'll show you at the first Polish evening when you arrive!

Would you in Łódź?

Our city in short movies:
Ok, maybe you need to see what are we talking about?

Here's a movie prepared especially for you by our amazing current EVS guys. You can see the EVS experience (living and working here) with their eyes.
So what to do to join us?
First, do some self reflection.
Read what our activities are - this is what, more or less, you will be doing here. You can find them on our websites, Facebook fanpage, in application form.
Ask yourself: Do I really want to go abroad for 11 months?
Make sure that you are going FOR something and not running away FROM something (for example: problems, people).
What is your real need?
Is it becoming a volunteer for 11 months in Poland?
IF U ARE NOT SURE for at least 50% - take your time to make wise decision.

There are lots of possibilities.
In general.
In the EVS database.

We're searching for people who are really searching for us.
We can offer a lot during these 11 months, so please offer us your honesty now, when U are applying to join us...
So you really need us and feel we can be your place for 11 months?
Please read the following rules and the application process.
Your activity will take place between
1.09.2017 and 31.07.2018
Not shorter, not longer.
No changes possible.
Place: Łódź, POLAND

Easy to find in google maps
It is financed by the
Erasmus + programme.

It covers flat, food, pocket money, travel (up to 100% but not always), materials, and local transportation.
We expect you to have a sending organization (SO) when you apply to us.
It is sending organisation responsibility to give you all needed information about the E+ programme rules in general.

You can search for SO on the internet - our advice is to find SO from (or close) to your city.
The most important thing is to fill the application form.

Here's the link to our website where you will find the application forms:

We recommend U to answer honestly and truly. No point in doing it "the best way" - don't try to guess what answer we want to get. There is no good and bad answer.

If we build our cooperation on falsehood nobody will be happy in a long run.
WE DON'T NEED a CV with the application!!!

We need only your answers in the application.

Honestly, sending papers we don't ask for won't give you extra points. Trust us.
The procedure
The application must be sent
7th April
to: evs.3pietra@gmail.com
On 7-10th of April we will contact shortlisted people by Skype.

After that we will make a final decision.
means we and you.

Then you, us and your sending organization will deal with all formal issues.

PLESE CHECK your email around 7-10th of April!!!
Are you looking for an opportunity to became a European volunteer (EVS - Erasmus + Programme)?

Would you like to work in an experienced organization in Poland?

Education activities are interesting for you?

please see our presentation/invitation for a 11-month project.
Our values are the following: active respect and support for diversity, sustainable development, education for freedom and awareness of self and the world, teamwork

Since values are important - what are your values?
Our activities mainly include promoting civic education and cultural activities. We cooperate with both European and local organizations. We follow our needs. In our projects we work FOR and WITH children, youth, seniors, mothers, leaders, and teachers.

We are still seeking, discovering and exploring. We take pictures, paint walls, write, count, talk, cook, we agree and argue. Sometimes we love our work, we have enough time.

We care about authenticity.
3 Pietra
educational center activity - support us in international projects, and leading workshops for various groups. Sometimes it's super creative, sometimes it's just office work. Depends on our and your abilities and needs.

Library, kindergarten and primary school activities
- creating and running workshops for children about culture and reading.

Does it sound interesting for you?
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