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Presentation for Philanthropist

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laljaan baloch

on 15 February 2018

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Transcript of Presentation for Philanthropist

HANDS International - UK is registered as non government
organization in companies act 2006 of England and Wales.
Board members/Staff/Volunteers
USAID, European, Union PCP, HAP, IUCN
HANDS strength
HANDS Certifications
HANDS International
HANDS has qualified the institutional Management
Certification Program (IMCP) of USAID for management standards.
HANDS is accredited with European Union.
HANDS has central contractor registration with US Government .

HANDS is certified by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy
(PCP)-an organization authorized by Govt. of Pakistan for
the assessment of management standards in Non Profit
HANDS possesses membership with Humanitarian
Accountability Partnership (HAP) Geneva.
HANDS is also the member of IUCN (International Union of Conservation of Nature)

HANDS International - is a registered “Charitable Incorporated Organization” under companies act 2006 of England and Wales.
Sindh-Punjab-Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-Balochistan
HANDS Intervention Areas
HANDS is for improving health, promoting education, alleviating poverty and developing social institutions for community empowerment
HANDS Introduction
HANDS strength is 12 volunteers Board Members, more than 5000 full time staff.
They are backed by thousands of community based volunteers of more than 6,100 medium and small size organizations
HANDS Development Programs
Best Practice Training Models:
Community Midwifery (CMW) Training School
Training of Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs)
Psycho - Social Well-being Training
IUCD Training
Community Health Workers (MARVI Workers) Client Centered Training
SRH (Sexual Reproductive Health) Trainings Client Center Approach Training for Health Care Providers
Best Practice Training Models:
Hunarmand Training Centre (HTC)
Enterprise Development Training (EDT)
Best Practice Service Models off Farm:
Enterprise Development / Entrepreneurship
Sughar Program
Hunarmand Markaz (Display Center)
Knit Garment Unit
Village Based Entrepreneur Centers
Best Practice Service Models:
Community Health Workers (MARVI)
Rehabilitation of Disable Persons
Output Based Aid (OBA) voucher scheme (NARI)
Adopt a Health Facility
Community Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM)
Establishment of Birthing Station
Best Practice Training Models:

Capacity Building Trainings
Major Achievements (2010-2013)
Total Females & Children for Vaccination 307775
Beneficiaries of Health Voucher Project 3744
No. of Health Facilities managed/adopted 14
Total Patients / Clients at HANDS Health Facilities 265080
No of children nutritional status improved 15066
No. of CMWs School established 02
CMWs graduated/trained 563
No of Pregnant Lactating Women nutritional status improved 16010
Family Planning Clients 290531
Participants of MARVI Trainings 1078
Participants of TBAs Training 12955
Participants of Health Care Providers Training 720
Psycho-Social Well being Training 201 professionals of 78 NGOS
Short term out come
83 % of MARVI Workers know the recommended number of 04 antenatal checkups.
100% MARVI workers know recommended number of 02 postnatal checkups.
51% MARVI workers have knowledge of at least 4 danger signs of antenatal, natal and postnatal period.
87% of the MARVI workers were able to identify the three delays. 83% could identify the first delay, 93% identified second delay and 83.3% identified the third delay.
10% of CPR increased after three years of MARVI intervention
100% MARVI workers have knowledge about Family Planning methods
70% able to generate some profit. Average income of MARVI's from the sale of RH-FP products ,Rupees 1700 per-month.
MARVI workers referred nearly 54255 women, 8594 children with complications to secondary care facilities and saved their lives.
No. of Beneficiaries
Total no. of Projects
HANDS Integrated Development Model
Misali Communities
> 20,000
HANDS Integrated Development Model
HANDS Partners during 2015-16
Ensure Primary Health Care
To provide the primary health care services HANDS selects a village based girl and trains her (2 months training) as a community health worker (MARVI / Misali worker).

She is supported by a health committee and women group that are voluntary assisting boards formulated by her for providing health services in the target area.

Each health worker is assigned an approximate population of 1000 and is named as "MARVI" worker in our model.

HANDS trained > 1600 MARVI workers in 11 districts, are providing health services in their respective villages.
> 461
Community Midwives t
Train a Midwife
HANDS Community Midwifery Schools are equipped to conduct hospital based 18 months diploma course for matriculate girls.

HANDS established 02 Community Midwifery schools including 01 in Karachi Rural (Jamkanda Hospital) and 01 in Matiari district (THQ Hala).

They are then deployed in their respective villages for maternal and child health care services.

HANDS has trained 434 community midwives.
The beneficiary patient of OBA voucher scheme at a private hospital of Jaccobabad
3) Save the Life of Mother
3) Save the Life of Mother
The high risk pregnant women are referred to a private secondary/tertiary care health facility for management of complicated deliveries.

HANDS reimburses the cost to hospital on behalf of poor mother.

Benefited 8960 pregnant women

14 private secondary healthcare facilities in 10 districts of Sindh are identified and strengthening in process for Emergency maternal & Children services.
4) Build a Model Hospital
Adopt a Hospital/Public Private Partnership
Through this model, HANDS till date has provided support to 92 health facilities under public private partnership, which include:
08 District Headquarter Hospital
27 Taluka Headquarter Hospitals
34 Rural Health Centres
326 Basic Health Units
21 Maternal and Child Health Centres
108 Dispensaries
16 Reproductive Health Service-A
12 Mobile Services Unit
4,875 Lady Health Workers
135 Female Welfare Workers
Support “Early Childhood Development (ECD)”
The ECD model of HANDS, prepares children for primary education. ECD class comprises of a furnished room for 30 children 3-5 years of age.

HANDS trains the community girl in skills of childhood development.

Established 681 ECD classes in 227 Govt. Schools which are benefiting more than 20,430 children, 4292 teachers
Overall 2647 schools have been adopted under this model , more than 0.31 million students and nearly 8,499 teachers have been benefited
Adopt a School
Adopt a Primary School
Overall 1663 schools have been adopted under this model , more than 0.73 million students and nearly 10,000 teachers have been benefited
HANDS Academy
HANDS Academy
Total 21 HANDS Academies have been established and 1794 students have been benefited through this model. 58 teachers are trained.
Shelter for the homeless
HANDS provides one room shelter to a homeless family. The shelter may comprise of a room / veranda / toilet / kitchen.

HANDS has built 75,805 one room shelter by now.
22,658 families have been provided roofing kit

Total investment in Shelter during 2011-2016
2.5 Billion PKR
Drinking Water Facility
HANDS also ensures drinking water schemes, through provision of hand pump boring.

330 drinking water facilities were constructed.
6 water supply lines and 2 filter plant were also constructed
3955 hand pumps have also been installed

Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI)
Overall 166 street pavement

16,141 permanent latrines

1478 hand washing facilities

398 bridges/culverts

1259 link roads

03 Jetty

> 60,000 Solar Lights

> 201,000 self employment generated (Rozgar Schemes)
Agri Kits for farmers
Livelihood Enhancement Program (Rozgar Schemes)
Livelihood Enhancement Program (Rozgar Schemes)
Livelihood Enhancement Program (Rozgar Schemes)
HANDS Institute of Community Development
Thank you for
your support
Join HANDS to empower these people
HANDS has facilitated to construct one mosque for each model village. We have constructed 4 mosques in different villages
13) A mosque for a village/settlement
71,978 Solar lights
Handing over management of 39 Govt. Health Care Centers / Hospitals
HANDS - Sindh Govt. Agreement
26.2 million
Adopt a Hospital/Public Private Partnership
>54,900 women & children cured
>259 Million PKR
> 399,000 Women & Children
screened for malnutrition
> 75,800

Shelters for the homeless
Rozgar Schemes
460 small agri input
20148 small landowners
935 agri kits to farmers
3084 live stock
5439 Poultry package
3999 kitchen gardening
45 Small poultry hatcheries
12 community nurseries
52453 Micro finance
109573 cash for work
4939 Interest free micro finance
HANDS was founded in 1979 by a group of volunteers

After 37 years HANDS has evolved, as one of the largest Not for Profit Organization of the country with integrated development model.

HANDS Pakistan has a network of 31 offices across the country and has access to more than 22.2 million population of nearly 17,000 villages / settlements in 48 districts.
Disaster Risk Management Centre (DRMC)
Disaster Risk Management Centers (DRMC)
HANDS Disaster Risk Management Centers (DRMC) is the network of 13 full equipped DRMCs / Wear houses with Emergency Stock, Master Truck for Evacuation, Ambulance Service to refer the injured, Boat for evacuations and De watering Machines, Training Halls, Meeting Rooms are available .
Disaster Risk Management Centers (DRMC)
Grants from 2006 to 2016
15 Billion
Healthy, Educated, Prosperous
and Equitable Society
>20,000 Children and 681 Govt. Teachers benefited by
Early Childhood Development (ECD) Program
> 920,000 families benefited with > 7 Billion Rupees Disaster Management
1. 2016 Karachi Heat Stroke
2. 2016 Earthquake in Shangla & Chitral KP
2015 Flood Emergency in KP, Sindh & Punjab
2015 Karachi Heat Stroke Emergency
2. 2015 Nepal Earthquake Emergency
3. 2014 Flood Emergency in Southern and Northern Punjab
4. 2014 North Waziristan Emergency (IDPs)
5. 2014-2016 Tharparkar Drought
6. 2013 Awaran Balochistan Earthquake
7. 2012 Northern Sindh, South Punjab
8. 2011 Southern Sindh Rain Emergency
9. 2010 Northern and Southern Sindh Flood Emergency
To be replaced with model village pix
Thank You
Chitral & Shangla Emergency Relief Project
183.96 Million PKR (July 2015 – March 2016)

Nepal Earth Quake Response from May 2015
Jungle Camp
Calais, France
> 350
2.7 Billion PKR
March 2014 to December 2016
> 241 Million NPR
Sindh Govt. Hospital Murad Memon Goth

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