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digital methods

No description

chiara carrozza

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of digital methods

Mapping digital methods
Where social sciences research and communication meet
Chiara Carrozza chiaracarrozza@ces.uc.pt
Tiago Santos Pereira tsp@ces.uc.pt

Centro de Estudos Sociais, University of Coimbra
International Conference
Comunicar Ciência: Modelos de Publicação Emergente
, University of Beira Interior
The importance of being digital: exploring digital academic practices and methods
FCT Exploratory Project
1492 articles
18 search terms related to methodologies (ex. "hyperlink network* analysis”; "co*link analysis"); tools ("issue*crawler"); social media (“twitter”); approaches ("webometric*"); buzzwords (“big data”; "digital humanities")
Digital social research
‘digital methods core’
59 + 194 articles
Bipartite graph AU&DE, overview
Normal graph DE by TI, focus on “digital methods”
Bipartite graph AU&SO(SC), main cluster’s journals
To what extent "digital methods" is emerging as a specific approach in digital social studies?
1. Digital Methods seems to be located between three distinct areas/disciplines a) Science and Technology Studies; b) Information visualization and c) Media Studies.
2. A cluster emerges around other methodologies to study the web such as Webometrics; Social Network Analysis and Hyperlink Network Analysis. This appears as the most structured cluster, with the authorities of the whole graph and strong internal interconnections in terms of keywords and journals of publications. Digital Methods seems particularly far/disconnected from this cluster.
3. The buzzword “Big Data” is at center of one of the main clusters, attracting approaches, topics and devices more or less connected with the world of the “media”; although digital methods appear connected to several component of the “Big Data” cluster, the latter is not directly connected via keywords to the former
Digital Methods Initiative
Goldsmith University
Density Design (Politecnico Milano)
Actor-network theory
performativity of methods
vs. social network analysis
the digital vs the virtual
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