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Special Education Transition Skills: Designing, Defending, & Developing A Business Proposal & Product Line

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Laurie Kash

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Special Education Transition Skills: Designing, Defending, & Developing A Business Proposal & Product Line

A Whole Different Kind of Proposal
Drafting & Defending a Product Proposal
Why Build These Skills?
Cost/Benefit Analysis
Learning more about the client
Rainier School District
Defining the Specs:
Who is likely to attend?
How many people are likely to attend?
What would people who attend a NAWI conference enjoy and be able to use?
Over 30% of children with learning
disabilities drop out of high school.
Unemployment for workers 50+ has risen 300% in the past 10 years.

A 2011 Gallup Poll projected:
* 44% of retirees want to continue to work full or part-time.
* 36% of retirees will have to continue to work full or part-time
To diversify will require teamwork and recognition that everyone has value and no idea is unimportant.

To give equal opportunity for those people who are disabled also means that they are seen a equals whose contributions and thoughts are as valuable as any other employee. They are part of the team.
A Business Proposal
& Product Line

Designing, Defending, & Developing
Laurie Kash, PhD
Special Education & Student Services Director
Camp Sasquatch
When a student with emotional and social challenges is asked to help plan a summer community service project, he helps to design a problem-based learning camp where he stars as an injured Sasquatch and where kids with and without disabilities work together to solve problems, get physically active, and make friends.
Reasonable accommodations and scaffolding

Reminder to the audience that disabled doesn't mean unable.
Future Goals and Aspirations
Critically Re-thinking Lifestyle
Quality of Life
Critical Thinking, Creativity, Practicality, Work Ethic, Production Skills, Presentation Skills, Budgeting, Time Management, Persuasion
National Association for Workforce Improvement
What do you think NAWI stands for and believes in?
On December 31, 2014, the last of the Baby Boomers turn 50.

Est. by 2020, 30% of workforce will be retired.
Drain on retirement systems and social programs (more money going out than coming in)

At present, the rate of unemployment among non-institutionalized people with disabilities is 63%.

The number of people with disabilities is rising.
Shortfalls are Comin'!
Projected to be exhausted by 2037

Saving the Social Security system will require:
*Higher SS tax rate
*Increase in retirement age
*Reduction in the percentage of benefits paid.
Social Security
The U.S. Department of Labor. 2014. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved from: www.bls.gov
Jones, Jeffery, M. 2011. Most Workers Expect to Keep Working After Retirement.
Retrieved from: http://www.gallup.com/poll/147866/Workers-Expect-Keep-Working-Retirement-Age.aspx. Updated 2014
Unemployment & the Disabled
In 2013 unemployment among the disabled was 74% higher than those with no disability.

Many rely on social systems and family members, or live below the poverty level.
The U.S. Department of Labor. 2014. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved from: www.bls.gov
...employment sought by
everyday individuals.

It is virtually unattainable with current support systems for most of our kids with ID.
Competitive Employment
...maintain paid employment
at regular work sites when
ongoing, individualized
support is provided.
Supportive Employment
Customized Employment
...creating a job within an integrated
work environment based specifically
on the skills of the employee and the
needs of the employer.
How Employment Training Opportunities Affect Our Students
National Conference in Portland 2014!
Are people likely to come by airplane? Does this limit what we can offer? Why?
Do we have enough time to make the number of products we are planning?
Do we have the skill and supplies we need?
Would women and men like our gift equally?
What is our budget? Should we offer a quantity discount? What percentage allows us to still make profit?
What did the project require of staff?
What Did the Process Require of Our Students?
And What About the COSA Conference?

Seasonal gifts

Representative of our transition program

Enough stock

Step-by-Step Process
Clear Directions & Supervision
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