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SATAL Info session

No description

Sandra Garcia

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of SATAL Info session

Class Observations
Qualities of a SATAL student:
Students Assessing Teaching and Learning
Why is assessment carried out by students?
SATAL Requests Over Time Since Its Beginning In 2009
Who do we support?
SATAL services help faculty, TAs, and programs gain a better sense of the learning experience of their students in their classes and in other academic contexts
Thank you in advance for your participation in the upcoming assessments!
Compile, analyze, and summarize the data collected into a professional report.
How the SATAL Program Works
Behind the scenes...
The Assessment begins...
Instructors invite SATAL students into their classroom.

The type of assessment completed depends on the type of information the instructor is looking for.
2 or more SATAL students visit the instructors classroom and
collect feedback

from students
about what they think is working in the class and what they would like to see done differently.
The Assessment ends...
SATAL students collaborate to create an objective report with the feedback they collected.

After it has been reviewed by the coordinator, report is sent to the instructor who can then decide what actions to take.
Class Interview
What helps learning in this class?
Computer exercises. (6)
The teacher:
Sincerity (5)
*Enthusiasm (3)
*Builds up/motivates the students “great job” “yes, that’s right!” (3)
Wants all of the students to succeed (3)
What changes could the instructor make to improve your learning?
What actions would you take to improve your learning?
Change office hours (5)
More examples (4)
No change (2)
Post slides (3)
Take notes when reading (2)
Review the homework (3)
Objective record of student-teacher interaction
3:44 – Professor changes slide. Professor asks the TA to send an email regarding one of the slides. Professor says what is on the slide is crucial to his class and many students begin to write on their notes. Professor states his SLO’s he expects from the class and many students copy this information down.

3:45 – Professor explains terms that were used previously in the lecture. Some students taking notes, some on the Internet, one side conversation.
3:46 – Professor changes slide and tells a joke.
Class Videotaping
Focus Groups
Presents a more complete record of classroom events and a different perspective of the way an instructor is teaching
SATAL members facilitate a discussion among 6-8 participants
Over 600 Total requests
What do SATAL students do?
Facilitate and lead the previously discussed assessment tools: focus groups, class interview, etc.
100% confidential about assignments.
Prompt, Dependable, and Patient
Comfortable interacting with both students and instructors
Outgoing and Friendly
Able to focus on others before self
Teachable and have a sincere interest in teaching and learning
How to apply for the job
Online application

Supplemental application

Provide recommendations from at least one UC Merced instructor and one other source.

Maintain a 3.0 cumulative G.P.A.
Adriana Signorini
Students Assessing Teaching and Learning Coordinator
COB 341 / 228 4766
SATAL Program
We responded to 400 requests
2011 POD Innovation Award Finalist
Chea Award
Provide instructors with feedback that will help them gain a better understanding of what is happening in their classroom.
We can probably throw in a quick scene about FIP right before the timeline. I'm not going to edit the timeline since it seems tedious. Adriana also wants us to include a small note saying that candidates need to do an observation as part of the hiring process too. What do you guys think? (Mike)

SATAL students administer in-class surveys that benefit both the instructor and students
Entry surveys
To capture student's prior knowledge in the subject
Mid-course feedback
Allows students to reflect on the course
SATAL students receive training on different assessment tools (8-2 hour sessions).
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