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They're Coming Home with children

No description

Esquimalt MFRC

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of They're Coming Home with children

watch this video
vs Reality

Cycle of Deployment

Re-establishing your Relationship
Expectations are always high when we think about homecoming. But try to remember
You'll all have mixed feelings
Everyone has changed
Everyone needs reassurance that they are loved, wanted and needed
Your parenting and decision- making relationship will be strained
You and your partner need to "court"
You'll all be tired
It will take weeks to adjust
Anticipation of Homecoming
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Tips for Preparing for Homecoming
what do you do now?
Things to help you Prepare
1. Only Listen to official information regarding your loved one's return (ignore rumours)

2. Participate in reunion activities and workshops that are offered through the MFRC http://www.esquimaltmfrc.com/deployment/deployment-workshops.php

3. Share your feelings of apprehension as well as excitement and joy

4.Reassure your partner of your love and commitment

5. Communicate yours and your members return and reunion expectations

6. If you have children include them in your homecoming preparation.

1. Self care - you've been handling everything on your own for this deployment it's important to remember to take time for yourself as the excitement and anxiety of homecoming takes over.

2. Make sure that your member has added you (and other family or friends) to the access list for homecoming so that you can be down on the "jetty" to welcome them home.

3. No surprises!! Talk openly and honestly about what you expect/hope homecoming to be and listen openly to what your member wants too.

4. Take the time to enjoy, relax, this is what you've been waiting for!
They're Coming Home

What Stage are you in?
"At last you've made it through another deployment and are looking forward to the return of your loved one, with both excitement and sometimes apprehension. You can't wait for things to get back to normal, but many of you know from experience that it takes time to readjust to family life."

taken from Separated by Duty, United in Love (c) 2003
Anticipation of Homecoming

This stage is filled with many mixed emotions all of which are normal.
You may have:
Increase energy and activity
Sleep and appetite disturbances
Feelings of
The homecoming of a service member is a major change for the children in a household. They have grown physically, emotionally, and socially during the deployment. They are not as skilled at coping with their stress because they have little life experience. As a result, they may become firmly attached to the returning parent wanting their undivided attention or they may seem distant, withdrawn or seem that they just don’t care.
Helping the Children with Homecoming
Include them in your plans, let them help make decisions
Participate in homecoming activities such as banner making and decorating the house for the returning parent
Don't try to make them feel/or act the way you feel they should
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