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Dream Vacation :)

By: Mackenzie Somar & Naomi Balka

mackenzie somar

on 7 June 2015

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Transcript of Dream Vacation :)

Dream Vacation
-We will be using a Lexus SUV car,once we depart from the cruise.
-$60 x 2 = $120
-The Fountains Resort,4.4 stars.
We choose this resort because of the view and the pricing was good.

Day 1 - Hang out at the beach

Day 2- Go on a jet ski $50x2=$100

Day 3- Swim with dolphins $35x2=$70

Day 4- Go snorkeling $55x2=$110

Day 5- Take surfing lessons $45x2=$90
"Search Results - Royal Caribbean International."Search Results - Royal Caribbean International.Web.29 May 2015.

This is the website we found the 4 night cruise on.

"Theme Park Tickets and Information for Universal Orlando Resort."Theme Park Tickets and Information for Universal Orlando Resort.Web.29 May 2015.
This is the website we used to find the tickets.

"Booking.com: 654,620 Hotels Worldwide.Book Your Hotel Now!" Booking.com. Web.29 May 2015
This is what we used to find the resort.

Google (Google)
We used this to search the restaurants.


Warmed and cooled by trade winds,the weather in The Bahamas Out Islands is always perfect for tropical vacation getaway.Temperatures in most of the Out Islands of The Bahamas linger between 70 and 80 degress Fahrenheit,thanks to the constant gentle trade winds.
Address:On the cruise
Order of Operation:7:30pm-9:00pm
Meal:Spaghetti with Meatballs

Chops Grill
Address:On the cruise
Order of Operation:6:00pm-9:30pm
Meal:Chicken Parmesan
Medieval Times
Address:4510 W Vine st,Kissimmee,FL 34746
Order of Operation:8:00pm-9:00pm
Meal:4 Course
Texas de Brazil
Address:Outlet Marketplace,5259 International Dr #1,Orlando FL,32819
Order of Operation:5pm-10pm
Meal:Ceaser Salad
Address:International Shoppes,5748 International Dr,Orlando,FL 32819
Order of Operation:5:30pm-10:30pm
Meal:Steak with Mash Patatoes
Mackenzie Somar
Naomi Balka


On the trip, we spent a 5 days on a cruise to Nassu, Bahamas also Cococay,Bahamas. And 2 nights in Orlando spending a delightful night at the Fountains.
The trip was a DREAM!

The Fountains Resort
Inside The Cruise
The Cruise
Coco Cay Bahamas
Nassau Bahamas
Orlando Activities
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