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lorenzo cantoni

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of IPID2013

prof. dr. Lorenzo Cantoni

The UNESCO Chair
ICT to develop and promote sustainable tourism in the World Heritage Sites
Main planned activities:
Extensive research & guidelines
Education (summer school: 25 August-5 September 2014, supported by KFPE)
Awareness campaigns
Knowledge dissemination through OER

With a goal to:
Support WHS in online communication & in training local stakeholders
Educate and sensitize tourists
Establish an interdisciplinary network of scholars
"protection, conservation and
of the cultural and natural heritage"
enlarge the access
enrich the experience
local community:
increase ownership and add local voices
dis-intermediate (some) relationships
upgrade knowledge/skills (especially of MSMTEs)
3 labs
NewMinE: New Media in Education
eLab: eLearning Lab

Mission: “To investigate online communication as a true human activity, with a long-term, comprehensive and holistic approach. In particular, stressing human growth and quest for meaning in educational/touristic experiences – eLearning/eTourism, as well as in international development – ICT4D.”
Awareness Campaign
about World Heritage
in Southern African Development
Community (SADC)
15 countries
38 WHSs: 16 cultural, 19 natural, 3 mixed

World Travel & Tourism Council
Total contribution of Travel & Tourism to SADC (2012):
7.6% of total employment (5,098,500 jobs)
Awareness Campaign about World Heritage in
Southern African Development Community (SADC)
(Informal) learning goals:
.Awareness raising
«our cultural and natural environment is great, and recognized at the international level»
.Informal education
«this is the nature / story of the WHS»
«thanks to our WHSs (and through sustainable tourism) we can promote development and meaningful international encounters»

Phase zero
. Promotion in schools and online (FB contest)
First Phase
Pre-studying on UNESCO and WHSs using online materials/sources (WIKI)
Players answer to questions about 4 WHSs, UNESCO, sustainable tourism, and ICTs
Best players are invited to the second round
Second Phase
questions on each WHS, UNESCO, sustainable tourism, and ICTs (within a limited time frame)
Final rank
Third Phase
Top 20 players invited to a residential workshop
Participants will develop projects on selected WHSs and discuss with respective ministers of tourism
Thank you
UNESCO Chair in ICT to Develop and Promote Sustainable Tourism in World Heritage Sites
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