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Landscape of Marriage in US and PCUSA

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Marcella Glass

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Landscape of Marriage in US and PCUSA

consider divorce. Does your
church have a divorce liturgy?

We have tended to deal with divorce only through legal processes. But if we want to focus on the religious component of marriage, do we want to also help people as they end that covenant?
Civil and Religious Marriage
Emotionally Laden Topic
Adaptive vs Technical change

Does this require people to change their habits, their assumptions, or their practice?

(answer: YES it does).
Brief History of Marriage (from a Euro-focused perspective)
contract between two families for much of western history.
Separating Church and State in marriage
1. Recognize your own context
2. Help people explore the relationship between church and state. Are there other areas where non-state employees act as agents of the state?
3. How might separating religious and civil marriage strengthen our act of Christian marriage?

Even if something happens at GA in 2014, change is a ways away in our Book of Order.

Same gender marriage is not allowed ecclesiastically. Blessings of marriages that occur elsewhere or blessings that are not marriages are allowed.
Today's conversation
While I will present information that might be helpful to pastors or churches considering separating civil and religious marriage, I promise I'm not trying to convince you this is the right way.
This is only one way to navigate a complex issue.
(and this is my personal view and not the policy of the Covnet Board)
Civil Marriage
15 jurisdictions now allow same gender marriage.

A number of others allow for partnerships, civil unions, etc
Landscape of Marriage in US
banns Lateran Council 1215--requiring people to
announce plans. This is when the church really got invested in marriage.
Hardwicke's Marriage Act of 1753--put canon law into civil law--required formal ceremony
life in the colonies
We established a different relationship between church and state than Europe had, but somehow different relationships around marriage didn't last.
Southminster in Boise, Idaho
Chris and Andy and their baptisms

all church camp

letter to Session

Session response

Calvin--magistrate and minister
4. Create a church certificate so people will still have their pastor’s signature on a document about their wedding.

5. Help folks navigate how to get their license signed in your jurisdiction.

The Blessing Service
They chose Romans 12 as the passage for the Blessing

We sang "Called As Partners In Christ's Service"

We laid hands on them and blessed them.

Recorded the service in case of challenge
Continue the Conversation
You can contact me at marci.glass@mac.com

or at www.marciglass.com
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