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Copy of Hip Hop Studies

One journey into teaching hip hop in the high school music classroom

Anthony Cao

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Hip Hop Studies

South Bronx
School busing changes
Cross-Bronx Expressway built
Jobs move out
Buildings left vacant
Gangs move in
Why? Social Justice
Common @ White House
Uh, yeah
She dancin she dance she dance for them
Her body move but her mind was manic'n
Thinkin I don't know where they hands have been
Relationships with men have been so damagin
She thought back to when she was at Howard and
Dreams of doing scenes with Terrence Howard and
Broadway plays and dancin with Alv and them
The ones that make it always ain't the talented
Some dreams get lost never to be found again
At first strippin seemed so empowerin
Most every girl wanna do it now and then
But bein meat every day is devourin
Cats puttin paper where she put powder and
Life would break her, now she powderin
She was high when she fell down and then
Crowd surrounding and, heart was poundin and
She fell into a deep sleep the siren sounded and
Seen bright lights in the midst of clouds and then
Talked to God, feeling like his child again
Said Lord let me live so I can make you proud again
Sarah Palin - "Oh Lovely, White House... lacks class and decency."
Bill O'Reilly - "Thug"
Fox News - "Vile Rapper"
Common "Misunderstood"
World-Wide Social Justice
Egyptian Revolution
Omar Offendum "#Jan25"
Arabian Knightz "Rebel"

Krip Hop
Leroy Moore "Man to Man Talk"

Drug War in Ciudad Juarez
"Beats Barrios and Blood"

Trayvon Martin
Jasiri X "Trayvon"
Bronx is Burning
What is Hip Hop?
Hip Hop Culture
Hip Hop Pedagogy
Hip Hop as a tool to teach content
Hip Hop as a tool to understand/critique our world
Hip Hop History AS the content
Hip Hop Skills AS the content
Why Hip Hop?
from "Know What I Mean" by Michael Eric Dyson; Intro by Jay-Z
Hip Hop Studies
Some say, "HOV, how you get so fly?" I said, "From not being afraid to fall out of the sky."- Jay-Z
White Flight
Why? Teaching Music
MC flow diagram - RHYTHM
MC delivery - TIMBRE
DJ beatmap - FORM
DJ samples/effects - TIMBRE
What I've Learned
I'm not the expert.
I'm not always in control.
Students need help to understand the arguments AGAINST hip hop.
Composition can be trial and error as much as it can be methodical.
Composition is circular, not linear
Students appreciate approaching them at their level.
Students appreciate honesty, especially when I don't know or am uncomfortable.
Hip Hop Pedagogy is just good teaching.
Hip Hop is NOT a magic bullet.
Rhythm Freestyle
Rhyme Freestyle
Keyword Freestyle
Sound Machine
Rhyme brainstorm
Writing prompts

Beatbox (loop pedal)
Computer Software
Other Hardware
Questions? Let's Talk
Anthony Cao
Madison West HS
email: acao@madison.k12.wi.us
twitter: @anthcao
blog: musicteachertalk.wordpress.com
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